FOTD - Just Peachy!

I was really chuffed to be complimented on my make up today, so I thought I'd give you guys a peek... I don't normally wear this much make up during the day but was having a bit of a play, as you do! 

Here's what I used (click on pics to enlarge) ...
Clarins Foundation, Laura Mercier concealer & powder, By Terry highlighter, Lipstick Queen Blush 

Clarins Skin Illusion foundation in 'honey' - applied with fingers (reviewed below - 'Something Old, Something New')
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage - applied with ELF concealer brush
By Terry La Veloute under eye highlighter, which I also swept around the entire eye area as I was looking a bit knackered! This stuff is amazing - best I've ever tried.
Lipstick Queen solid lipgloss on cheeks applied with ELF Blush Brush
Laura Mercier Starlight Mineral Illuminating Powder - a loose powder with a pale gold 'glow', best for evening use in my opinion for a lovely 'soft focus' radiant finish.

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow, Mac Eyeliner, No7 Mascara

Mac Technakohl liner in Earthline - a waterproof dark greyish brown liner which goes on soft and sets quickly
All eyeshadows are Laura Mercier from the Colour Wardrobe palette (reviewed below in 'Something Old, Something New') and were applied with MAC 227 brush:
Tiger's Eye - a matt taupe over eyelid
Chocolate - a dark brown verging on aubergine in crease and outer corner
Twinkling Star - a peachy nude with slight shimmer all over eye
Stellar - a cream shimmery highlight on browbone

I then applied the Chocolate on top of the liner to soften the line a little with ELF Small Smudge Brush
Mascara - No7 Exceptional Definition in Brown/Black 02

Mac Lipglass & Prestige Lipliner 

Lightly lined with Prestige lipliner in Silk
Mac Surf Baby lipgloss in Strange Potion (also reviewed below)

Please try to ignore the hair which has been scraped back out of sight! *blush*

I hope you like... if you have any questions or comments please leave a note below - I promise to respond! X


  1. Amazing how well peaches&corals work with you! Looking good missis, looking good! xo

  2. You look lovely hun :) I knew I recognised the Strange Potion lipgloss before had even read what you had used, it's all a fab look! Twinkling Star is a gorgeous colour, really want some! xxx

  3. Everytime I see Strange Potion I think I need it a little more!
    You look great x

  4. Aw thanks girls... I'm planning to add some product pics to this in the morning and didn't think anyone would notice it tonight, but you spotted me hiding in the corner ha ha! X

  5. You look fabulous, the clarins foundation is beautiful isnt it, i just recieved it in a swap and love it. Its funny though as you, me and stina from chic beautyblog all seem to wear the same shade :)
    Love the lipgloss it looks beautiful on you xx

  6. Thanks hon... yes I must admit I wouldn't have chosen such a dark shade as I usually go quite light, but the SA rec'd it and I thought I'd give it a go coming into summer. I do love it - the consistency and smell are divine too! x

  7. I love how your eyes look so effortlessly glam :)

  8. You're looking gorgeous sweetie, LOVE that lipgloss <3

  9. That's so pretty! Love how your natural beauty also gleams through. I am so jealous!

  10. Gorgeous, you really suit those peachy tones!

  11. Prestige lipliner in Silk is my fave! You look gorgeous - the peachy tones on your lips and cheeks look lovely together.xx

  12. Looks lovely. The mac lipglass is a gorgeous summer colour x

  13. Gosh I'm overwhelmed by all your lovely comments thanks so much! Olivia you really made me blush! Xxx

  14. You look gorgeous! That MAC surf baby lipgloss was made for you lol :P xxx

  15. Your skin looks flawless :) lovely shade too - bit of colour but no where near orange I do wish you lived closer so you could fix me up ha-ha! Love the subtle eyes too perfect!


  16. Your skin looks flawless :)

  17. Thanks all... Sarah & Kelly my skin is not flawless, believe me - it's all in the make up! ;-) x

  18. It is not heavy though! It looks very nice on you!


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