A Lighter Shade of Bronze

Following my review of the new St Moriz Dark bronzing mousse, I discovered St Moriz bronzer, part of a new range for Summer 2011, which includes self tanning mist and Glitz body souffle.

Light: a golden bronze shimmer

The Shade'n'Shimmer bronzing powders come in two colours: light and dark. I opted for light as I don't have much colour yet, though I think the dark could work well in the height of summer, or for those who already have some colour.

The packaging style reminds me a little of my elderly aunt's powder that I loved to 
play with as a little girl - transparent plastic on top with a metallic bronze base. 

The compact is medium sized, perfect for popping in your make up bag or handbag
Ingredients list

I used the ELF powder brush and as you can see here - there is good product pick up, with just a light dusting of the brush lifting enough for the whole face (which hopefully means it will go a long way!). 

The colour is lighter and more shimmery than I expected - a sheer golden bronze. I would normally go for a matt or very fine shimmer bronze, so will save this for evening use and probably wear it more as a highlighter than full-face bronzer.  It would be perfect for highlighting cheekbones, browbone, collar bone and tops of shoulders - not that I'd personally do all of these at once.

A light dusting in natural light can definitely look more subtle
The above two pics illustrate the contrast with and without a full application in sunlight. You can see a deeper colour and more even skintone on the left, as well as the gold shimmer.

This will definitely be my favourite way to use this bronzer! It applies really smoothly when wet and gives a brilliant deep, opaque pigment on the skin. I swiped the bronzer very lightly with a slightly wet ELF small smudge brush... it picked up loads of product effortlessly and can then be painted in a fine line. I think this would look stunning either as a dramatic eyeliner or all over the lid, which would look pretty either in sunshine or for evening use. It lasts well too - I left it on my hand for around an hour and it stayed put until I washed it off.

St Moriz bronzing powder can be purchased online at Amazon or on the High Street at Semichem, Savers, Co-op, Gordon’s Chemist (Ireland) and Independent Pharmacies and is reasonably priced at an average of £4.99.

So what do you think? Would you like to try this or what bronzer will you be using this Summer? I'm definitely covered for shimmer, so am now on the lookout for a matt one! Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Ohh that looks LUSH! I am loving my shimmering GOSH bronzer too, look similar to this. Very good pictures x

  2. This looks really good I'll have to try it I use MAC mineralized blush in "Cheek and Cheerful" as a bronzer 'cause bronzers normally just look awful on my pale skin so I'll give this one a go! x

  3. It looks pretty but soooo shimmery z=

  4. Hello! I just came across your blog and loved it! you have a great blog! love your style, please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx


  5. Love your handwriting :p he he!

    The colour is very Grecian, I love it!

  6. Thanks everyone - glad you all like the look of this! Stina, I got a bit snap happy after discovering a new camera setting ha ha!

  7. Great review and swatches! Looks as though it would be far too shimmery to use as an all over bronzer, it's really pretty highlighter shade though! x

  8. Yes I agree Nat. Wonder if the dark shade is as sparkly - love to know if anyone has tried it?

  9. Wow, this is really pretty <3 Love this post, your photos are amazing and the swatches are great too :)


  10. This seems like a really pretty highlighter, wouldn't use it all over the face though, bit too shimmery! What kind of camera do you use btw, your pics are always so professional! xxx

  11. Thanks Summer & Urban Mermaid. The camera is a Canon IXUS 9015 - I think I was lucky in these shots as the light was good, plus I discovered a Digital Micro/Macro setting, which is great for close-ups.

  12. Well!! I would have never thought of using it wet - and this is why I need blogs and youtube, I'm absolutely clueless :D
    I bought the rimmel sun shimmer bronzer recently, I'd consider this (rightly or wrongly!!) in the same league as the St. Moritz and it was absolutely AWFUL... then again, maybe I was being kackhanded with it!! I then bought the bourjois one that looks like choc, few squids more but sooo much nicer!!

  13. I kept scrolling through your photos thinking, showing me the price, show me the price! I was surprised it seems like a great product and its easily affordable too :D

  14. OMG seeing it wet is just AMAZE! I can see so many uses for it already - wowzers, soooo gonna get!


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