Summer Morning Skincare

I've been using the products in my Summer morning skincare routine for 3-6 months... (I try to protect against sun damage all year around). If your skin is in need of some serious rehydration, you're in the right place, as most of these products are hyaluronic based to boost moisture levels dramatically.

We have just moved house (hence disappearing 5 minutes after my return... sorry about that)... I always forget how all-consuming a house move is, but it's been well worth the late nights, hang nails and back ache! As I shared on Instagram on our first morning, I couldn't find my underwear or hairbrush but could put my hand on all of the above within seconds... I think that says it all!

While I enjoy using all six products in this line up, the stand outs for me are the cleanser, facial mist and SPF. 

Trish McEvoy Cleansing Balm has a gel to balm texture reminiscent of Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (minus the rose scent)... it emulsifies really nicely and leaves my skin feeling completely clean and comfortable. I'll often use this as a second cleanse in the evening and it also doubles up as a vitamin-rich, leave-on mask. 

Emma Hardie Hydrating Facial Mist is a superfine spritz that's packed with hyaluronic and actually hydrates... it blows every other luxury spritz out of the water in my opinion and the lightweight tube makes it perfect for travel. I do use others but this one is a real treat. We will never be parted. 

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Protect & Prime has a lightweight silky texture that sinks in quickly, feels much more like skincare than SPF, and leaves a glowy, diffused finish on skin. If I was on holiday or outdoors a lot, I'd use a dedicated SPF, but as the last step of my routine pre-makeup, this works beautifully for me. 

I love a hyaluronic based serum and have been enjoying Skinceuticals HA Intensifier. This goes on straight after the facial mist to double up on hydration, while helping to tone and tighten skin. It sinks in quickly and I don't hang around before adding L'Occitane Aqua Ultra Thirst Quenching Cream. This deeply nourishing moisturiser is rich and hydrating without the usual heaviness of a cream... also available as a gel for oily to combination skins, it feels cooling on warm Summer mornings and sits well under makeup.

Speaking of cooling, Lancome Advanced Genefique Yeux Light Pearl has a really effective tear drop shaped metal applicator for applying the product in a 360 motion around the orbital bone... it feels super soothing on puffy eyes while addressing the whole shebang... from darkness to fine lines.

Do you switch up your skincare with the seasons?

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