The Best Winter Candles

I'm a fan of scented candles whatever the weather, but there's something about dark evenings (and afternoons!) that makes me appreciate them even more. These are my top three for the festive season...

Jo Malone Incense & Embers. Need I say more? I'm pretty sure the name alone is enough to convince you how gorgeous this is. There's something distinctly celestial about this scent, which is definitely more incense than embers. Not the type I burned at uni... but the kind of alluring smokiness that might waft through the air as you stroll by a beautiful golden temple on a heady evening (I'm there now - in my head - grounded only by the cuppa and Rich Tea next to me). Incense & Embers smells rich and reassuring, with leather and amber lifted by vetiver and fir... perfect for this time of year.

Field Day candles (formerly Bog Standard) are made a few miles up the road from me and the limited edition Winter scent is hands down my favourite. Its maker has mastered the traditional festive cocktail of cinnamon, clove and orange - which I usually shy away from - quite beautifully. Field Day Winter throws quite a lot of scent, yet has a sophisticated softness to it that smells much more expensive than its very reasonable price tag (£13.95). It reminds me of the kitchen while baking Christmas cake, with a pot of mulled wine simmering on the stove... I'd happily gift this to everyone I know for Christmas, confident that it would be a winner. I've been burning it a lot and everyone who comes into the house comments on how lovely it is. Very importantly (to me) - this is not so overtly festive that you couldn't burn it long into the New Year. Don't hang about though, a wee bird tells me there's not many left.

Neom Perfect Peace is an uplifting, soothing scented candle made with 25 (!!!) essential oils including pine, myrrh and lime. I prefer it to Neom's traditional Christmas Wish fragrance and think it makes a particularly good choice for daytime burning, perhaps even on The Big Day itself? It makes a striking centrepiece and I have a feeling it would work well paired with a glass of something sparkling, a theory I may need to put to the test...

What's your favourite Winter candle?

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