Jo Malone Star Magnolia Hair Mist: Review

Jo Malone London has released its first ever hair mist in new Limited Edition scent, Star Magnolia. 

Star Magnolia is fresh and bright, a crisp yet gently creamy white floral, with notes of magnolia leaf and orange blossom alongside lemon, ginger and shiso (an aromatic Asian herb). Also available in cologne, I find it quite youthful yet sophisticated and think it will appeal to a wide age range.

The Hair Mist is perfect for anyone who wants to take fragrance layering to a new level, fancies a lighter way to wear scent or whose skin can not tolerate perfume. While this isn't my typical go-to scent, it's perfect for Spring and I've really enjoyed wearing it. We've had beautiful warm sunny weather this week and it's been great to spritz my hair with this rather than applying perfume on top of sunscreen.

If making my hair smell good was its only asset, I'd probably opt for the cologne instead, but I find the hair mist surprisingly functional. It acts as a great finishing product on my easily weighed down hair, adding a delicate mist of lightly conditioning definition and shine, with a waft of scent every time my hair moves. And don't even start me on the white ombre bottle and (removable) floral collar. 

Jo Malone London Star Magnolia is a Limited Edition scent available in 30 or 100ml Cologne and 30ml Hair Mist, available now. It's just launched and selling out fast already... find the range here or here. 

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