Soigne Botanique AW 2016

I've been trying out the Autumn Winter range by luxury French nail brand, SOIGNÉ Botanique and am impressed by the shades, formula and packaging. The SOIGNÉ formula does not contain any harmful carcinogens, is 5-free and each polish includes up to 85% plant-sourced raw materials.

I'm going to use the brand's own colour descriptions as even these are charming (clockwise from top left)...

  1. Poussière d'ortie, meaning “nettle dust”, a unique green, reminds us of the faded foliage of summer time. 
  2. Mica is a sophisticated mineral-grey, a cooling shade to compliment the deep tones of your autumn wardrobe. 
  3. Papillon De Nuit is a playful, pumpkin-leaf green to add a burst of colour and a hint of mischief to any outfit.
  4. Nuit Radieuse is a unique shade of gunpowder grey, reminiscent of the dark blanket of the night sky and mysterious moonlit shadows. (I'd describe this as a dark teal)
  5. Robe Velours is a deep and mysterious purple, reflecting the luxurious garments of winter. 
  6. Ombre Solaire, meaning “solar shadow”, is a burnt orange, reminiscent of autumnal sunsets and crisp, fallen leaves. 

I find that these polishes apply very smoothly and evenly in two coats and the sophisticated simplicity of the bottle design really appeals to me. 

The only shades I personally wouldn't wear are the orange and lime ones, though I do think they could look incredible on deeper skin tones and like that SOIGNÉ hasn't played it too safe with these collections. My personal favourites are the two greens, both of which you can see me wearing here (Poussière d'ortie) and here (Nuit Radieuse)

The above shades and a vast range of pastels and brights are available at

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