Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom Cologne: Review


Jo Malone Nashi Blossom Cologne is a bright, juicy scent that's perfect for Spring. I'd describe it as a grown up fruity floral that reminds me of crisp linen, warm skin and picnics with home made lemonade (or G&T, who am I kidding?). Crisp, clean and effervescent, the initial whoosh of refreshing lemon settles to a much softer musky floral.


Have you ever seen a happier looking perfume bottle? Monochrome polka dots and a metallic lime lid... what dressing table could resist? The design is inspired by the Nashi blossom's pure white flowers with black stamen, creating that pretty polka dot effect.

Blossoms on the East Asian Nashi pear tree traditionally symbolise the start of Spring (Nashi means pear in Japanese) . The tree's sweet, crisp fruit resembles a cross between an apple and pear - and notes of both are included in this scent. The fruit itself is fragrant and considered a delicacy, often given as a gift, very apt inspiration for a perfume don't you think? Its blossom also has a hint of rose, included in the heart of Jo Malone Nashi Blossom.

I can definitely catch the lemon, rose and pear.


Another quick swoon at those dots, which carry right around the bottle... I can't look at it without smiling.

I'll be saving this one for warmer weather when I'm most drawn to this kind of fragrance and will really appreciate that zesty spritz. If fruity florals aren't really your thing, hold out for Black Cedarwood & Juniper in June, a stunning unisex relaunch from the London Rain collection and one of the most sophisticated scents I've tried in a long time.

Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom cologne is a  limited edition, on counters from May 2016 in 30ml (£44) and 100ml (£89) and already online at Jo Malone. 

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