Dolce & Gabbana Summer in Italy Make Up 2016: Review & Swatches

Dolce & Gabbana Summer in Italy 2016 Make Up
It's not every day that a new make up collection sets my pulse racing, but Dolce & Gabbana Summer in Italy does just that. And yes, this is coming from a neutrals lover, but JUST LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS! It's good to have fun with make up sometimes, especially at this time of year. This collection is inspired by the playful palette of Italian Summers, from Sicilian fruits to the Mediterranean atmosphere. Don't know about you but this lot make me crave sunshine.

These brights will generate a huge yay or nay from most; there's no room for middle ground (or wall flowers) here, but you can always just choose one piece. Personally, I wouldn't wear more than two of these at any one time - and yes I've tried the whole shebang, including different shades on each eye and a pink & orange ombre lip. It was a bit much (for me).

Think a simple bold lip with glowing bronzed skin and little else, or a pop of bright eyeliner and the lipstick worn as a stain... absolutely stunning.

Let's have a closer look...


Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in Cyclamen & Venere
Despite my love of a bold lip, I have to admit I was a little shy of these at first. Cyclamen is a striking blue toned fuchsia (the ultimate instant teeth whitener) and Venere is a spicy orange. These are super creamy and highly pigmented, yet turned out to be surprisingly wearable. I've been patting Cyclamen onto my top lip (straight from the bullet), then pressing against my bottom lip for a thin layer of colour with soft edges that doesn't look too OTT. For longer lasting power, I follow with a heavier layer, then blot. I've done double takes in the mirror in surprise at just how long these last. They do stain my lips (evenly) and I even wake up with a slight rosy tint the next morning (in a good way). They are perfumed with D&G's signature rose petal scent, which I don't love, but only notice during application.

I'd describe the finish as very natural... slightly dewy when left to do their own thing or semi matte when blotted, which I prefer. They don't feel matte, but this finish somehow adds to the wearability - yes they're bright and bold, but the sophisticated texture means they're not too in your face.


Dolce & Gabbana Glam Liner Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Cyclamen & Perfect Mono Cream Eye Colour in Indaco

Yep it's a Cyclamen liquid eyeliner, in the same shade as the lipstick above. This has a shimmery finish and at the encouragement of my 8 year old son, I actually gave it a go. I added a mini cat eye above the dark liner I was already wearing and apparently it looked 'really cool'. I'm willing to bet it will look way cooler on someone half my age, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

The Perfect Mono Cream Eye Colour in Indaco is an absolute stunner and the formula is so good I'd love it in a tonne of everyday colours. This is mega pigmented (a theme that runs across this collection) in cream to powder - which sets on the eye - and a little goes a long way. It can absolutely be sheered out, but looks best when it packs a punch. I've worn this all over the lid and smoked out as liner and it does.not.budge. I'd call it a petrol blue, which looks dark teal when smudged or smoked out.


Dolce & Gabbana Luminous Cheek Colour in Orange & Shimmer Powder in Star Shine
Ok so you're not likely to catch me in vivid orange blush, but on darker skins, this will come into its own. A word of warning, barely touch the pigment with your brush bristles - less is more.

Shimmer Powder in Star Shine is an oyster cream to powder highlight with very finely milled gold shimmer. It sets on the skin and can be used on cheek and brow bones or on the eyes. I like it as an eye shadow, all over the lid or as a pop of shimmer in the centre. Budget alternatives that do a similar job are Topshop Glow and Soap & Glory Glow All Out.


Dolce & Gabbana Summer in Italy Swatches - natural light
I wanted to share swatches in both natural light to show the true colour and pigmentation - and in the sunshine where they seem to belong.

From top:
  • Perfect Mono Cream Eye Colour in Indaco
  • Shimmer Powder in Star Shine
  • Luminous Cheek Colour in Orange
  • Glam Liner in Cyclamen
  • Classic Cream Lipsticks in Venere & Cyclamen

Dolce & Gabbana Summer in Italy Swatches - sunlight

Dolce & Gabbana Nail Lacquer in Turquoise
Last but not least, a big shout out to the divine Turquoise nail polish - creamy, opaque and one of the glossiest formulas I've tried. It's photographed with no top coat and lasted 3-4 days like this with only minor tip wear despite heavy housework. The perfect greeny blue, it basically looks like you've dipped your fingers in the Med. 


Here's how the products look on a total (Italian) babe, wearing the eye shadow in Turquoise. 

While I'm a long term lover of Dolce & Gabbana perfumes (I've owned and obsessed over Light Blue, Femme, The One & Intense), this is my first dabble in the makeup and as you've probably gathered, I'm impressed. I'm curious to know if the neutral shades are equally good, so please let me know if you've tried any. 

Dolce & Gabbana Summer in Italy 2016 Make Up Collection launches 1st May at Harrods. My top pick is the hot pink Cyclamen lipstick, closely followed by the Turquoise nail polish. Even better worn together. 

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