Taking Time to Be Grateful

Hey everyone, it's been a while... I didn't plan to take a break through to the New Year but once I started I knew I needed to. It felt so good to completely relax with no obligations, enjoy quality time with family and friends and ignore social media most of the time. Guessing I'm not alone in this?

I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions, but on a day when many of us have at least a flicker of dread at life returning to normal tomorrow, it seems a good time to share one thing I'm committing to in 2016. 

Appreciating what I've got. 

It's all too easy - especially at this time of year - to be aware of what's missing in our lives and focus on the negatives. So I'm making a concerted effort to acknowledge the good stuff - and hope that writing daily in this lovely book will inspire me to be more grateful for what I've got. Not that I'm not already, but I think I should focus on it more. 

I know we're only a few days into January, but I've already been amazed at how much I've wanted to write about, filling whole pages when I assumed it would only be a line or two. I know there will be days when I struggle to think of anything, but so far it's varied from my little boy stroking my hair during his bedtime story to a last minute dinner invite just as I wondered what on earth to cook that evening. I don't think anything is too big or too small to be thankful for... more often than not it really is the little things.

I write in mine when I get into bed at night and find that it helps me feel calm and positive as I go to sleep, rather than with a racing mind full of to-do lists. My beautiful book was a press gift and sadly not available to buy, though any notebook will do if you fancy joining me (I always spy lovely ones in TK Maxx). 

Oh and for those of you who kindly shared suggestions of where to purchase nice bedding via Twitter recently, I hope you like my new Snowdrop set in the background, a Christmas gift from my lovely sis, which is exactly what I wanted - pretty, fresh and modern. 

Finally, a thank you to all of you who read this blog - I'm genuinely grateful to each and every one that stops by and even more so, to those who keep coming back. 

I wish all of you a wonderful 2016 - Happy New Year! xXx

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