Alpha H Liquid Laser Skincare: Review

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is one of my most recommended beauty products and the first to make a marked visual difference to my skin, so I was really keen to try the Liquid Laser line and see what it has to offer that's different.

Alpha-H Liquid Laser is designed to address the challenges of 40+ skin, when production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid declines more quickly, leading to loss of elasticity and firmness.
An alternative to invasive treatments, Liquid Laser boosts skin's ability to repair itself, thanks to Juveleven, the very latest peptide technology.

Alpha-H Liqud Laser Concentrate is the key product in the range, a velvety gel-serum with quite a watery consistency, dispensed by pipette. Designed to tone, firm and brighten with plant extracts, AHAs and hexapeptides, this feels really dewy on my skin and leaves it feeling plumped and well hydrated.

Alpha-H Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil adds radiance to lacklustre skin and - unusually for a cleanser - improves moisture levels by 80%. Apparently... of course I can't measure this exactly but do have dry skin and this leaves it feeling comfortably soft and clean; never stripped. Its gel to oil texture is really easy to use; a good option for anyone a bit wary of regular cleansing oils. And another pump bottle = winning.

And finally, my hero product from the range...

Alpha-H Liquid Laser Super Anti-ageing Balm targets existing skin damage - lines, loss of elasticity and age spots - with actives including stable vitamin C, niacinamide and Juveleven. The semi-solid balm in a jar comes with a mini spatula and the tiniest amount goes a long way. It melts into the skin on contact and feels intensely nourishing, yet lightweight. Definitely one for night time use, this does leave a residue on my skin, in a really good way. The texture is sublime and my skin is loving this product.

It's rare that I come across a skincare line that makes me think, if I wasn't a beauty writer and constantly testing new products, I'd happily stick with this one forever. That's exactly how I feel about Liquid Laser and can't recommend it highly enough - if your skin falls into the target category (if not, try Liquid Gold!). One month of use has left my skin looking clearer, smoother and more velvety and hydrated - better than it has in a long time. (I actually noticed results quite quickly, but always like to test skincare for a month.)

The prices are high end but not extortionate, starting at £35.95. I have huge respect for the science, research and expertise behind Alpha-H and really believe you're getting a lot for your money with this brand.

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