What’s New (Puss) in Boots?


I can often be found stalking the Beauty Finds section at Boots… it’s where all the new products are housed - from new releases to new at Boots. I know from working with beauty brands that making it onto Boots shelves is a huge deal, so I like to keep an eye on what’s there to see if there’s anything new worth trying. I was recently sent a selection of Boots’ latest Beauty Finds and thought I’d share my thoughts with on how I’ve got on with them after a couple of weeks’ testing.

You may have heard me rave about the Wet Brush before, basically the best detangling hair brush since sliced bread (and yes, that includes the Tangle Teezer). I have several in a range of colours which me and the kids bicker over each morning. Named the Wet Brush as they don’t damage wet hair, the flexible bristles also work brilliantly on dry hair.

I’m also a long term fan of EOS lip balm… not only does it work hard at keeping my lips soft and smooth, it’s also made with nothing but good stuff. This is particularly important to me in a lip product; a little of what goes on my lips inevitably ends up in my mouth, so the vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil content is reassuring as well as effective. This one is Honeysuckle Honeydew - it comes in lots of lovely flavours, all encased in a cute sphere.

Egyptian Magic is a don’t judge this pot by the cover style of product. If you suffer from extremely dry skin - or dry patches - then this is worth forgoing any prejudice towards pretty packaging and sweet scented products. The no nonsense rich emollient cream contains olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract; no synthetic preservatives or fragrance. It’s a solid formula that melts in your hands and a godsend for dry shins and ankles. Why do they get so dry? It does leave a slightly oily sheen on the skin for a while, worth bearing in mind if you’re planning on wearing a silk jumpsuit or similar afterwards… a girl can dream.

If you’ve ever tried Crest White Strips, Mr Blanc is a similar product - coated cellophane-like strips that stick to teeth for half an hour and help reduce staining. I didn’t like the amount of sticky residue these left in my mouth (brushing is required immediately after use) and know that repeated use is required for best results, but it’s good to have such a product on our doorstep at last. (I’m starting a professional whitening treatment soon which is why I didn’t continue to use these - I’ll let you know how I get on with that too!)

Wunderbrow, Billion-Dollar-Brows, HairBurst

I’ve noticed such a difference in the strength of my nails since I stopped using a specific supplement for them. I generally find that hair supplements improve them too as they benefit from the same nutrients, so I have high hopes for Hair Burst premium vitamins packed with essential nutrients including collagen, biotin and folic acid. Obvs hoping it gives my hair a boost too!

Wunderbrow and Billion Dollar Brows are both new to me… I’m forever trying new brow products in search of The One. These suit very different needs and work completely differently… Wunderbrow contains hair-like fibres infused with pigment and gel, designed to lock onto your brows and last several days. Not gonna lie, I was cynical, but pleasantly surprised at how well this worked. The Brunette shade is more of a dark taupe and comes in a thick gel-like liquid, which I found worked best with my own brush for a full brow look. Best for those experienced at doing their own brows, sportspeople or anyone in a hot climate - the colour really can last a few days, which is great if that’s what you’re after. I did cleanse gently in the area and avoid oils when using this, but still - impressive.

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Brush is a twist-up pencil with a spoolie on one end. Quick and easy to apply, this is soft and well pigmented with strong colour payoff, so works best with a light hand.  While the colour is very natural looking, I paired this with brow gel as I’m used to a harder, waxy pencil. The nib is thicker than I’m used to, so best for filling in rather than adding individual hair strokes and the spoolie is great to tidy brows before hand and remove any excess product after. I like this - it just requires a little more care than I’d spend on a five minute face in the morning rush.


WAH Immerge by WAH London is a set of 3 nail polishes designed for nail art, particularly the ombre effect. While the psychedelic Lava Set shades aren’t what I normally go for, I like the concept and the polishes do seem to merge together well… I was able to create a marbled effect with a cocktail stick in seconds.


These two tried and tested favourites are my pick of the bunch: I’ve loved the Wet Brush and EOS Lip Balm for a long time and am so happy that I can now purchase them easily in Boots! 

You can find all of Boots’ current Beauty Finds here.

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