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Colab-Luxe-Shine-Spray.ColorWow-Pop Lock-Crystallite-Shellac,CharlesWorthington-ColourReviveMousse-ClearGloss

Have any Strictly Come Dancing fans noted how shiny Claudia’s hair is? I’ve never seen anything quite like it… oh how I covet that glossy mane. Blondes and redheads tend to be less blessed when it comes to the shine stakes, so I usually seek mine from a finishing product. I’ve been testing out three formulas that promise instant shine… here’s how I got on.

 Shiny-Hair-CharlesWorthington-ColourReviveMousse-ClearGloss,Colab-Luxe-Shine-Spray.ColorWow-Pop Lock-Crystallite-Shellac

Charles Worthington Colour Revive mousse is all about enhancing colour and shine, but since there’s no redhead version (boo hiss) I plumped for the Clear Gloss option. Applied to wet hair pre blow drying, this adds subtle shine, though didn’t blow me away. I imagine that the colour formulas would have a more noticeable effect - have any of you tried these yet? (on 3 for 2 at Boots if you’re interested).

COLAB Luxe Shine spray is the latest launch in this line by Ruth Crilly aka A Model Recommends. I’m hooked on the dry shampoo, one of the best I’ve tried, so was keen to give this a go. First up, the can itself is very luxe and reminds me a bit of Oribe, at a much more palatable £4.99. The second thing I noticed about this was the scent, which I personally really like. It wasn’t until I’d used it a few times that I noticed the label said ‘glossing hair fragrance’, so it’s actually marketed primarily as a hair fragrance, which adds subtle gloss.

*must keep up*

With notes of Bergamot, Oud and Cashmere (yep, hair spray has perfume notes now), the scent is soft and woody, not sickly sweet like a lot of hair products. The formula is light enough to use on fine hair and sprays a lovely fine mist which does add shine when my hair catches the light. A brilliant option for anyone who can’t wear perfume, or wants 3rd day hair to smell better than it looks! Normally £4.99, COLAB Luxe Shine spray is currently £3.99 at Superdrug HERE. (highly recommend adding a can of the Dry Shampoo while you’re at it - Monaco fragrance is the best, currently down to £2.49 HERE! *fills basket*).

Color WOW Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac (brilliant product name) can be used on wet or dry hair and works by sealing the hair cuticle to lock colour in and dryness out, while a UV filter helps prevent colour fade. This adds a subtle shimmer without the disco ball effect. I like to add a little on the very surface of my hair post styling to smooth it out and add a sheen; I find that it also gives a little extra hold. While I do like this, the shampoo and conditioner remain my Colour WOW favourites… oh and I’m still hooked on the Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray (featured in My Most Used Products of 2014). I always use this when I’m in a hurry… brilliant for a late night blow dry before falling into bed - or when racing out the door.

My top pick of these three (and conveniently the cheapest) is COLAB Luxe Shine glossing hair fragrance.

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