Dream Purchase: Rosie for Autograph Luxury Dressing Gown

M S-Rosie-Autograph-Hooded-Luxury-Dressing-Gown

A little off piste for me today but this M&S Rosie for Autograph Hooded Luxury Dressing Gown is truly one of my favourite purchases of the year - and kind of pampering related, right? Although pricier than your average dressing gown (worth every penny in my opinion), it has just gone into the sale at 30% off, so I had to share the love.

To set the scene, my previous dressing gown was a skanky 8 year old leopard print number around 3 sizes too big, purchased when (enormously) pregnant with my son. So I deserved a new one, right?

M S-Luxury-Dressing-Gown-black 

The Luxury Dressing Gown is really thick, cosy and kitten soft, more like a velvet coat than a dressing gown, with satin trims and a HUGE snuggly hood. If I haven’t already worn it during the day (so cosy it saves putting the heat on when working from home!), I purposely get into my PJs early so that I can wear it in the evening.

Good Lord who even am I - is this a middle life crisis or am I allowed to feel this way?!

I originally bought the Shimmer Bird Print dressing gown (now down to £19.25), also really pretty, but decided I needed a hood! I’m freezing in the mornings and a hood makes all the difference, so I now wander the house looking like the Sith from Star Wars according to my 7 year old son - and probably scare the pants of the postie.

I ordered the long, which is a couple of inches above my ankles (I’m 5.85) and sized up following the advice of 300+ rave reviewers on the M&S site. I’m glad I did - you can tell from Rosie’s pic that it doesn’t wrap around very far (not that I’d mind if I looked like her) - I’m a size 12 and bought the 16-18, which fits perfectly.

The M&S Hooded Luxury Dressing Gown is reduced from £39.50 to £27.65 and also comes in berry, ivory and a couple of other shades in-store. I’ve tried them all and think the black and ivory are nicest… I was unsure about black at first but it looks so velvety and plush that I really like it.

Beauty chat shall resume tomorrow…

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