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Every year I filter slightly richer formulas into my Autumn skincare routine… I’m prone to dryness and like to address this before it settles in and becomes an issue. I use these particular products in the evenings, except for the primer, which is so special I had to include it here. Don’t know about you, but there’s something about darker evenings that encourages me to cleanse and treat my skin earlier before I settle down to relax. I try to do this when the children go to bed, then I can just tumble into mine later without having to face my err, face.

I’ll remove the majority of my makeup with a cleansing oil (currently loving this one) or Bioderma if I’m in a rush/feeling lazy, before going in with Oskia Perfect Cleanser. This nourishing balm is great for dry or mature skins to deeply cleanse, decongest and restore moisture levels… it feels much more rich than the Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which I also adore, but find this one perfect for Autumn. I may do a comparison post on the two if anyone’s interested?

As I write I keep remembering steps that I haven’t included here, like toner and exfoliants - I’ve been switching between Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Lotion and my old favourite, Alpha H Liquid Gold lately - in the hope of treating some particularly stubborn milia that appear to be breeding on my right cheekbone. Nice.

I’ve been freaking out a bit about my eye area recently after catching a glimpse in the mirror while wearing my glasses. Who needs a Halloween costume? Let’s just say the high definition didn’t do me any favours. Bring in the big guns with Clinique Smart Eye Treatment, so named as it targets skin concerns where needed to smooth, even and brighten. It has a lovely creamy formula which softens and hydrates the skin around my eyes and while in all honesty I never expect miracles, I’ll keep you posted if I spy any long term.

’Tis the season when facial oils come into their own and I’ve really been enjoying Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil, a multi tasking oil with retinol and vitamin C to refine texture, improve tone and add a little glow. I love the packaging and pump mechanism, which releases just the right amount of this lightweight oil and leaves my skin feeling velvety soft. Definitely an evening only option for me and one that I do think I’ve seen benefits from in terms of smoothness and radiance.

While I found this jar of 1001 Remedies Soin Millenaire a little too rich over the Summer, it’s absolutely perfect now. A plumping moisturiser that stimulates collagen production, it’s made with 97% natural and active ingredients, free from parabens, phthalates and OGM. All of this goodness means it doesn’t have the pleasant scent of most face creams, which took a while for me to get used to, but I find it so hydrating and soothing that I overlook it!

While all of the above are evening essentials, I’ve included one product that has brightened up my morning routine, OM Skincare Invisible Finish Primer. This absolute beauty adds light coverage, glow and SPF to skin and can be worn alone or under makeup. It’s a whisper of coverage that those blessed with great skin may be happy with day to day, but personally I see it more as an actual primer with multiple benefits. Beautifully packaged with a pump bottle, it replaces primer, radiance-inducing base, SPF and gives the skin a more even finish. Oh and I need to use less foundation on top. This is one step that I won’t be skipping in a hurry!

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