Color WOW Red Root Cover Up: Review


Roots are a new thing for me. While I’ve coloured my hair for around 8 years now, it was only a few occasional highlights until this happened 18 months ago.  My hair is now a deeper red than its natural strawberry blonde tones, so I have root regrowth - nothing compared to what a lot of people have to deal with, but still another (expensive) thing for me to maintain. Up until now I’ve been gutted to find that there are very few root touch-up products for redheads. I’ve tried dark blonde, warm brown and even mixed up my own concoctions, but frustratingly, none were quite right. Until now. I couldn’t have been happier to hear about the launch of Color WOW’s Root Cover Up for Red hair. In a nutshell, it’s a mineral powder applied on dry hair for instant root cover, which takes a minute to apply and washes out. My hair kindly participated in the testing process by producing some whopper roots for me to experiment with (note to self: book hair appointment).


I guess part of the reluctance of brands to create such a product for redheads is the fact that there are so many shades of red… as you can see  this is quite a deep shade - and while it’s a fraction deep for me, it disguises my roots better than any other I’ve tried. I find it works best when I separate my parting, smooth down my hair down and dab the powder onto my hair, pressing it in firmly with the small end of the brush. I  also find that it looks most natural applied in streaks rather than colouring it in solid.

I do have a sprinkling of greys, mostly at my temples, where I like to apply this when I tie my hair up and it works really well on covering them. Must admit, highlights were much more forgiving and low maintenance, especially on greys… I do like being a deeper red but am torn about the maintenance element - not sure where to go with that.


To finish, I soften out the edges and blend the product into my own colour, using my fingers and the long, soft bristles at the other end of the brush.  If I could change anything about this product, I’d increase the amount of powder and decrease the price - at £28.50 it’s not something I could afford to use every day. The website says it lasts for 60 applications, which isn’t bad - I’ve only had mine for a few weeks, so we’ll see. It’s reassuring to have it on days when I want to make an extra effort and the (water resistant) results last until shampooed out. I reckon its effect will vary dependent on your hair colour and imagine that Color WOW would be most effective on light coloured roots. Have any of you tried it?

Color WOW Root Cover Up is available in 7 shades at

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