Angel Candy Eau Sucree Perfume Review 2015


If I mention Angel perfume I’m guessing you’ll either swoon or shudder; it’s not one that evokes complacency - more can’t stand it or can’t live without it, rather than take it or leave it. So is it weird that I belong in the former yet want to love it? Two of the women I love most wear it and it suits them so much. Its complexity is highly regarded and I want a piece of it. I’ve tried; I really have… I’ve actually worn it from time to time over the years in attempt to learn to love it, but it isn’t for me.

Angel’s sweet as candy little sister however - is a whole different ball game. I’m not a sweet perfume lover - and Angel Eau Sucree is sweet - yet has a softness that draws me in, wraps me in a candy floss cloud and assures me that it’s ok to be pink and fluffy for a day. I think the difference is that this is gourmand sweet, rather than straight up floral or fruity, though it does have a berry tartness that stops the sweetness from becoming sickly.

Despite the sugar rush, this is a grown up perfume.


“juicy accords of red berries sorbet on the top, sweet caramel and meringue cream in the heart, and patchouli and vanilla in the base.”

On first spritz it’s bright and juicy, yet quickly mellows to a gourmand on my skin, with less patchouli than the original Angel; apparently it’s there, but I barely notice it, which may be why I like this. It’s smooth and creamy with caramel and vanilla that linger for hours - and definite without being in your face. Angel Eau Sucree is a limited edition eau de toilette, a re-release of last year’s version in a deeper blue star shaped bottle with textured frosting on the edges, like a dusting of icing sugar!

This is not an every day scent for me - more of a rationed sweet treat - and when I’m in the mood, it completely charms me.

RRP £45, Angel Sucree is on offer for £38 at  It’s already sold out at Selfridges though you can still pick it up at House of Fraser or John Lewis.

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