DKNY Delicious Delights: Sorbet Sweet


DKNY launches three new scents this month, a sorbet-inspired pastel trio of Delicious Delights, which all smell as sweet as they look. Here’s an overview of top/middle/base notes and my thoughts on each one…

Fruity Rooty (pink) - blackberry, mandarin & blackcurrant / rose petals & violet flower / orris, vanilla & musk. The sweetest of the three, I find this young, girlish and very much a fruity floral, rather than pure Fruity Rooty…

Dreamsicle (peach) - mandarin, raspberry & blackcurrant / green apple, peach nectar & apricot  / cedarwood, sandalwood & vanilla. At first spritz, this one has a softness to it, which in theory would appeal to me most, but on my skin, the peach comes through the strongest. Definitely the fruitiest of the trio.

Cool Swirl (green) - blackcurrant, violet leaves & coconut water / magnolia, jasmine & pistachio / heliotrope, musk & patchouli. I always associate sorbet with a fresh, crispness - so as the lightest and freshest of the three, I find this the most sorbet-like. Initially my least favourite, this is the one I ended up liking the most. Just goes to show why it’s so important to test fragrances on our skin rather than judging them by a spritz in the air or paper tester - they all smell so different when worn.


DKNY launches a new Be Delicious edition every year and these scents have now become real collectables. While sweet fruity florals are not really my go-to, I think the concept behind these is great and am sure many will be quick to add at least one sorbet to their line-up.

DKNY Delicious Delights launch this month rrp £37 each.

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