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Topshop Beauty has released two new Contour Creams in the shades, Sweep & Swerve. Pale faces shouldn’t be put off by the in-pan colour; these are surprisingly wearable and easy to apply, moreso than some powder formulas I’ve tried.


You can see from the pan that I’ve swirled my fingers fairly heavily to get these swatches, yet there’s still a slight translucence to the colours. The consistency is soft, creamy and very easy to blend into the skin. Sweep is on the left and Swerve on the right - the colours almost look like milk and dark chocolate! They can be used as sheer as you like - and I recommend a light touch as a little is all you need. Contour is not like blush or bronzer; it’s not supposed to be seen, but rather to add a little definition to your face - subtle shadow to enhance (or create the illusion of) cheekbones, slim the nose or define the jaw line. Less is more… I can’t emphasise that enough.

Topshop-Contour-Cream-Sweep-Swerve-swatches-review Topshop-Contour-Cream-Sweep-Swerve-swatches-blended-

SWEEP vs SWERVE: These swatches show Sweep (top) and Swerve applied straight to my skin and then partly blended. On my face I sheer them out completely, so that the edges are completely seamless. The lighter shade, Sweep, is aimed at light to medium skins, but I actually find that Swerve works best on me due to its cooler tones.  There’s not a massive difference between them (initially I thought I’d been sent two the same), so I’d choose according to your skin tone rather than depth of colour. Personally I think cooler tones create a more natural looking shadow on most people (so if you’re unsure, go for Swerve).  

APPLICATION: I apply by pressing the length of my finger tip lightly in the pan, pat off any excess on the back of my hand, then press the same line of product under the hollow of my cheekbone. I then blend with a clean finger or stippling brush, softening edges with my foundation brush if needed. Things may look odd at this point if you’re not used to this step, but once bronze/blush has been added, it leaves a very natural looking finish.  Once blended, this is undetectable on my skin and lasts all day.

My tip with trying any new make-up technique is to experiment just before bedtime when you’re about to cleanse - no risk or pressure and you’ll be removing it all anyway.

Do you contour or would you consider giving it a go? Once you get used to it it’s kind of addictive and just a little makes all the difference. Not need to get all Kim K about it, just keep it real. This Lisa Eldridge video includes some great tips - she uses powder but the same principles apply.  

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