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Scent has always been important to me - from perfume and candles to fresh flowers and cooking food - even something as simple as a shampoo that brings back memories. I love to be surrounded by beautiful smells that have a positive effect on my experiences. The whaft of brewing coffee or lighting a fragranced candle when I’m feeling under par can elevate me from feeling a bit blah to a much more contented place (chocolate helps too).

The last couple of weeks have been pretty full-on due to work deadlines and extra long hours. When I reached the point where it all felt a bit too much (may have happened more than once!) NEOM’s Focus the Mind candle gave me some much needed respite. It contains 13 pure essential oils with pine, eucalyptus and cedarwood to help boost energy and concentration, which my flagging brain definitely needed!

“Pine has long been used to help attain mental clarity and instil a sense of peace, along with eucalyptus and cedarwood, which are known to help with colds and boost the immune system.”

Not to be confused with the smell of naff pine bubble bath from childhood, this scent actually smells like walking through a pine forest - you know that heady ‘feels good to be alive’ kind of smell?



I asked NEOM founder, Nicola Elliot ,for a few tips on making the most of our candles this Winter…

  • A Neom candle emits the most effective therapeutic scent once it has been burnt between 2-4 hours.
  • It's important to trim the wicks of the candles regularly (usually just the black tip after it has cooled down), as this will mean your candle will continue to burn evenly. 
  • To intensify the treatment results, use alongside the corresponding reed diffuser which will provide a continual flow of therapeutic scent.

And a few tips of my own…

  • Don’t set candles too close to a wall - or in my case, on the fireplace - to avoid smoke stains (hence my newly blue wall above!)
  • The first time you light a candle, keep it lit for two hours+ for an even burn
  • Stop lighting your candle once it’s almost burnt out - don’t be tempted to use up the last couple of mm. In the last few months I’ve had one candle in a tin go up in flames and one in a glass jar smash - pretty scary & presumably due to overheating (nb neither were NEOM).

NEWSFLASH: I’ve just heard that NEOM’s first store opens in Wimbledon Village, London this week! Set to become the hub of Neom Wellbeing Club, it will host tutorials and talks from fitness, nutrition and mindfulness experts. If you’re in London, get £15 off your first purchase of £60+ by quoting the code ‘WIMBLE14’ in-store.

Neom Focus the Mind candle, £30 with free delivery

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