Morning Skincare Routine: Winter

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The temperature has dropped, the heat is on, I’m spending more time indoors - and my skin is feeling it. Some products which previously made my skin feel good now leave it feeling slightly tight. I’m always prone to dehydration but dry patches creep in too at this time of year, more on my body but also on my face. I tweeted yesterday about dry patches around my eyes and it seems lots of you are experiencing the same (La Rochy Posay Cicaplast Baume has almost cleared that up already, thanks to Andrea for suggesting I try this - already had it but didn’t think to use it on my face).

My current picks feature creamy textures, lots of moisture, oils and serums. I’ll do a separate post on my evening routine, but here’s what I’ve been reaching for each morning.

1. CLEANSE: Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream is a creamy rinse-off formula which is fast and easy to use. It removes any overnight grime, while feeding my skin with moringa, mango and shea butter, leaving it soft and comfortable.

2. HYDRATE: A spritz of Uriage Eau Thermale all over my face and upper body helps put back some of the post-shower moisture and feels so soothing. I often double up with an extra layer of moisture on my face by splashing on my favourite face quencher, Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion. I alternate this with La Roche Posay Pigmentclar Serum, a lightweight hydrating lotion with gentle exfoliating properties for a more even skintone. 

3. NOURISH: Not gonna lie, the refreshing scent is a big part of my attraction to Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming moisturiser for sensitive skin. Thankfully the texture is really lovely too and it makes the most gorgeous base for make-up. (Very happy to hear that this range will soon be available in my local Gordon’s Chemist.) La Roche Posay’s new Pigmentclar Eyes is a recent addition to instantly illuminate while decreasing the appearance of dark circles over time, all via a cooling metal applicator. While I’m not expecting to ditch the concealer any time soon, this is very pleasant to use.

Sounds a lot, but honestly takes about 3 minutes. My evening routine is a bit more intensive, coming soon…

Do you change your routine in Winter?

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