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DKNY has launched a fragrance unlike any of its others I’ve tried: MYNY (My New York), housed in a heavy glass and chrome heart-shaped bottle, indicative of the New York skyline. I was expecting a So Delicious-esque light, airy scent, so was surprised to discover a powerful, heady eau de parfum with a mix of fruit, florals and spice. DKNY describe it as the pulse and energy of New York, bottled.

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The initial burst of fruit settles to a rich, musky scent on me, with a warm Autumnal element which I think will make it very popular in the cooler months ahead. It’s been compared to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, which I wear, but don’t think it’s a dupe. The Chanel has a softness about it, whereas this is quite bold… one spray is pretty powerful on me, so a little will go a long way. 

The fragrance has its own digital hub at, where people are invited to get involved and capture their personal heart of New York. DKNY MYNY is available now at Debenhams and will be on counters nationwide tomorrow (Wed 20 August) from £36.

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