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What’s the first thought that comes into your head when you hear the words ‘Bobbi Brown’? Shimmer Brick, gel liner, neutral eye shadows, creamy lipsticks… MAKE-UP! Me too, until recently. Even if I had noticed the skincare, I’d probably have glazed over it and pounced on the latest pretty pink blush, so me and my skin are thankful to have been introduced to the products during my Pretty Powerful Makeover. Since photographing them, the above bottles are now almost empty - and having used them consistently for a couple of months, I’m more than ready to report back.

All five items are a complete pleasure to use, which some skin experts may scoff at, but for me - this matters. The packaging, consistency and how the products feel on my skin are what initially draw me in, so they’re important. For reference, I have dry to dehydrated skin. The Extra range is for extra dry skin and the hydrating range contains mineral water, hyaluronic acid and glycerine - all for extra hydration. I’ll talk you through my thoughts on each product in the order I use them…

Soothing Cleansing Oil - I’m more of a balm lover, so didn’t expect to be so enamoured with this, but it’s become one of my favourites and a day has not gone past when I haven’t used it. A pump bottle makes it quick and easy to use and 1-2 pumps is sufficient to remove my make-up; 3 if I’ve gone very heavy on the eyes. I massage this onto dry skin, add a little water to emulsify, then remove with a warm, wet flannel, which is much more pleasant than it sounds. I’ll then go in with a second cleanser as that’s my thang, especially when I’m using SPF, but if you wear light or no make-up, a single cleanse with this should be enough. No need for an additional eye make-up remover as this does it all - bonus!

Extra Treatment Lotion - I’ve raved about this before in a favourites post, so won’t dwell too long on it here, but basically this gives skin an extra layer of hydration and nourishment and I love it. I just pour a little into the palm of my hand, spread between both palms and press into my skin. Especially good on bleary mornings or pre make-up to plump up my skin.

bobbi-brown-extra-hydrating-serum,eyecream, moisturiser

Extra Repair Serum - this milky serum for dry skins contains Vitamin C, peptides and more to firm, hydrate and give a clearer complexion. Some find this nourishing enough to use alone, without the addition of moisturiser - I always use both but it’s worth bearing in mind. (If you only want to splash out on one or the other, choose this and go for a cheaper moisturiser.) This is the first serum I’ve completely finished since I started blogging - and I’ve tested a lot of skincare in the past three years. I rest my case.

Hydrating Eye Cream - feather light yet hydrating, I find this really soothing on tired, puffy eyes, thanks to aloe vera, jojoba and avocado oil. It sinks in very quickly, no hanging about before moving onto eye make-up.

Hydrating Face Cream - like the eye cream, this disappears into my skin super fast, prepping it for make-up and leaving my face hydrated and comfortable all day.
I’ve genuinely enjoyed using all of these but my Top 3 picks are the Extra Repair Serum, Extra Treatment Lotion and Cleansing Oil (in that order).


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