Best Body Butter: Mio Future Proof

Mio-Future-Proof Mio-Future-Proof-Body-Butter

Hands up if you find applying body cream a chore? I did too until I tried Mio Future Proof. Here’s my Top 3 reasons why I think this is the best body butter I’ve tried…

  • absorbs very quickly
  • dries instantly, so I can dress immediately
  • leaves my skin glowing without any sticky residue

And that’s before I start on the actual benefits to my skin. For me to use a body lotion/cream/butter regularly (yawn), it’s got to be a quick and easy process - the practicalities come first!

This leaves my skin feeling silky soft; pesky dry patches have gone and my shins no longer resemble the bottom of a mock croc handbag. It feels rich and silky in texture, yet all but disappears on contact, while still nourishing my skin. Magic I tell you! I literally swoon every time I use it and think why can’t ALL body creams be like this?

Unfortunately Mio Future Proof is also one of the most expensive body creams I’ve tried, due to an ingredients list that includes antioxidants, vitamins and omegas, so essentially, it’s skincare for your body. My skin is dry, quite sensitive, prone to eczema patches and itching - all of which have stopped since using this. As part of testing for this review, I used it for a month, then stopped completely for 2 weeks to see if I’d notice a difference and all of the above came back again. I’ve hit pan since the above pics were taken and will definitely be investing in a new pot - I think it will really come into its own in the cooler months.

Anyone else find most body creams a faff to apply?

Mio Future Proof - £35

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