Nails Inc Latex

Nails Inc Latex

Nails Inc has bottled the latex look with four new polishes for a super smooth matt mani. The polish applies glossy but dries into a waxy finish that looks and feels just like latex.

I imagine this will be a total marmite launch that people will love or loathe. Personally, I like the look of the polishes and the idea of how they might feel to the touch - but think the latter will be the clincher. I’m guessing that anyone squeamish about - or allergic to - latex will steer clear. Speaking of which, I had an alarming experience this week when a lady next to us in a cafe became very anxious as my son’s balloon almost touched her and she had a latex allergy, eek! I have huge empathy for anyone with an allergy as my son has several (inc peanuts). As far as I know, the formula of these polishes contain no actual latex, so no cause for concern there.

The pale pink and aqua shades are my favourite as the finish of these offers a less girly way to wear pastels, which I think would look great with a tan…

Portobello Road (1) Bermondsey Street Shoreditch High Street Campden Passage

This formula should be applied in two even coats (leaving a few mins dry time in between) with no topcoat, which would hide the latex effect. The four shades available are:

  • Portobello Road - petal pink
  • Bermondsey Street - aqua
  • Shoreditch High Street - hot pink
  • Camden Passage - nude

Nails Inc Latex Effect Nail Polish, £12 is available now HERE



Nail Inc Latex


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