Nail Art Tips

There’s something about bright, Spring/Summer nail colours that puts me in the mood for nail art at this time of year. While I’m not into overly elaborate bejewelled nails, I’m partial to a few polka dots, a contrasting stripe of colour or glitter tips - even better if it’s just on one accent nail.

I picked up my set of nail art tools on eBay cheap as chips, but really all you need is a bobby pin or cocktail stick for dots and a thin paintbrush for lines. The little plastic circular stickers that go around the edge of ring binders *flashback to schooldays* can be used for half moon designs or French manis - or you could even get creative with masking tape.

Below is a step by step guide to creating pretty pastel scallop nails… you could of course use any colours you like or just use this design on your ring finger as an accent nail.

Scallop Nails
If you think painting on a design like this would be too tricky, you could try using a Sharpie pen (over a clear or coloured base to avoid staining)… they come in so many colours and are of course very long lasting. I’m also coming around to the trend for floating nail art - with simple designs painted over a clear ‘naked nail’ base - and Sharpies would be perfect for this. After all that effort, it’s important to seal the finished look with a strong top coat such as Seche Vite for a smooth, long lasting finish.

Are you a fan of nail art - if so, which kind of designs do you like best?

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