Which CC Cream? Soap & Glory, Bourjois, Sleek & Cargo


Tired of BB creams or were never really inspired by them? Time to sit up as brands are releasing a new wave of CC creams which take things up a notch and might just offer what you’re looking for.

So what are CC creams?… what do they do?… and who are they for? The answers to all of these questions vary according to brand. In general terms, where BB stood for Blemish Balm (officially; some labelled it Beauty Balm), CC stands for Colour Corrector - which means addressing redness, sallowness and so on - for a more even toned complexion. To achieve this, most CC creams contain skincare ingredients and SPF with varying degrees of coverage, from tinted moisturiser level to a potential replacement for your foundation.

Here’s the lowdown on four of the latest formulas - and which ones I think are worth trying out. 

Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful CC Superfluid SPF15, £14 HERE

The most sheer, tinted moisturiser-esque formula of the bunch, this contains antioxidants, vitamins and brighteners to illuminate and soften the skin. I’m really impressed by the texture and radiance inducing powers of this and although I’m not brave enough to wear it alone, I’ve been using it as a base - either under foundation or one of the other CC formulas. It seems to give my skin that little extra something that makes me look more glowy and awake.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream SPF15, £9.99 HERE

Bourjois CC Cream contains 3 colour correcting pigments to address tired, red and pigmented skin. It’s oil-free, hydrating and comes in 4 shades. This one offers me enough coverage to wear in place of foundation and I’d describe it as light-medium coverage: it gives me a fresh, even finish without looking overly made up. The creamy liquid texture is a pleasure to apply and feels really comfortable on my skin. You can watch Lisa Eldridge apply it on Sophie Dahl in this video - the one that piqued my initial interest.

Sleek CC Cream SPF29, £8.99 HERE

Sleek CC Cream is described as a complexion correction cream, designed to treat, correct and conceal imperfections. The highest coverage of any CC cream I’ve tried, this is definitely on a par with foundations - and unlike some CC creams, which are designed to be worn under foundation, this one definitely stands up on its own. The texture is a thick cream (reminds me of Laura Mercier Crème Smooth) and applies well with fingers or a brush. I absolutely love this one - Fair is a great colour match for me and I really like the rich, creamy texture and even coverage it gives.

Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream SPF20, £26 HERE (launches 17 March)

Designed to correct redness and pigmentation, Cargo’s offering contains vitamins, antioxidants, hydrators and natural skin calmers, such as Green Tea and Chamomile Extract. The coverage level is similar to a natural look, light coverage foundation - slightly less than the Bourjois. As you’ll see in the swatches below, this is a pearly colour when squeezed from the tube, then blends to skin colour when massaged into the skin. I’ve used this quite a lot over the past month for natural make-up days and find it comfortable and hydrating on my skin.


Cargo is pearlised and blends out to skin colour when massaged in.



Swatches straight from the tubes. Soap & Glory and Bourjois are the most liquid in formula. Sleek is a thicker cream texture and Cargo is quite liquid until massaged in, when it becomes creamy (see above). 

Shades swatched:

  • Soap & Glory - Good Light, a golden natural tan that’s a touch too deep for me now but will suit me in Summer. Mixes well with other shades.
  • Bourjois - Ivory, a slightly yellow/peach toned fair shade which suits my current skin tone, but will be too pale for me in Summer
  • Sleek - Fair, a neutral beige and the best colour match for me out of these four
  • Cargo - Light, a yellow toned light tan shade



CC cream

I really like the packaging of all four products. The Soap & Glory is the prettiest and most functional with a pump and a clear window to show how much product is left, but all of them are very practical, hygienic, lightweight and easy to use.

While I can find a use for all of these, I know the Bourjois and Sleek will be used up first as they give me enough cover to replace foundation. If you’re blessed with great skin or prefer a very natural/ no make-up look, then Soap & Glory or Cargo are better bets for you. I need a moisturiser under all of them, though could get away without it under glowy Soap & Glory. Bourjois comes second in the glowy stakes while Sleek and Cargo have more of a matte finish.   

Do you need a CC cream in your life? No. This is not a make-up or skincare must-have in addition to your current foundation or tinted moisturiser. What these do offer are great alternatives to your foundation/tinted moisturiser for a make-up base or light wash of skincare-injected colour that’s perfect for Spring/Summer weather.

Do CC Creams turn you on?

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