Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Collection: Review & Swatches

Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-collection

Nectar & Nude is Bobbi Brown’s new Spring Collection, designed to add soft, subtle colour and the gentle glow of Spring to all skin tones. I’m hoping that wearing it all at once will speed the arrival of warmer days and bright nights! Yesterday I featured the star of the collection: Nectar & Nude Eye Palette - and promised I’d be back with the rest, which includes a new Shimmer Brick, 3 lip glosses, 2 nail polishes and a bright pop of creamy colour for lips and cheeks.

“A soft cheek, nude eye and flattering nectar lip - the ultimate beach to cocktail look” Bobbi Brown

Apricot Shimmer Brick

Bobbi-Brown-Apricot-Shimmer-Brick-Nectar NudeBobbi-Brown-Apricot-Shimmer-Brick-Nectar Nude-swatches  Bobbi-Brown-Apricot-Shimmer-Brick-Nectar Nude-swatched

Designed to be lightly dusted on cheeks or worn as individual eye colours, this is so pretty to look at and the individual tones are lovely.  In my book, this much shimmer is best used as a highlight (on younger skin than mine) and I think this would work especially well on dark skin tones or as eye shadow colours. The palest white-gold makes a lovely brow or inner corner highlight, but in all honesty I shy away from these kind of textures.

Hibiscus Pot Rouge

Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Hibiscus-Pot-Rouge Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Hibiscus-Pot-Rouge-swatch

This generously sized pot of creamy colour packs a punch of bright orange toned coral. It’s pigmented enough to add opacity to lips in one layer (this swatch is a single swipe) and blends well on the cheeks, without stickiness. A little goes a long way and less is definitely more... it’s always easier to add more than take away when it comes to cream blush, though if you do overdo it, just soften the look by blending with a clean brush and adding a sweep of powder.  I found the excess on my finger after doing my lips was enough for one cheek, though blending out edges with a brush is always best to avoid the Aunt Sally effect.

Limited Edition Lip Gloss

Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Lipgloss Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Lipgloss-swatches

Nude Pink is a beige peachy-pink and Nectar, a peachy coral that can be layered up to look quite bright. These contain botanical extracts, vitamins and oils to treat the lips during wear, so no need for balm underneath. Bare Peach is a High Shimmer gloss, packed with fine gold glitter that hangs about after the gloss has worn off, best layered over another colour. It was difficult to capture the sparkle in swatches as the light was starting to fade - you can see it better in the above left pic.

Limited Edition Nail Polish

Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Nail-Polish-swatches-Nectar-Bare-Peach-Glitter

These two polishes are my second favourite pick from this collection. Nectar is a juicy, bright-yet-soft coral and Bare Peach Glitter, a very delicate gold glitter in a slightly milky base. I used two coats for the swatch of this on its own (centre),  and one when layered over Nectar (right). I actually love very fine glitters like this, which add a little sparkle and interest without looking too in your face D.I.S.C.O… more like you’ve just trailed your fingers through fine golden sand *gets lost in that moment.*

RRP Prices:

  • Nectar & Nude Eye Palette £37.50
  • Apricot Shimmer Brick £32.50
  • Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks £19
  • Limited Edition Lip Gloss £18
  • Limited Edition Nail Polish £11

The full Nectar & Nude collection launches on counters in March. Will you be trying any of it out?


Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Eye Palette: Review & Swatches

Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Eye-Palette

Bobbi Brown is bringin’ it the moment, not least with the latest release for Spring, the Nectar & Nude Collection. Think apricot, corals and peaches paired up with pretty nude tones… I’ll share the whole shebang tomorrow, but today I want to focus on the star of the show: the Nectar & Nude Eye Palette. No other nude palette has quite hit the mark for me. Urban Decay Naked 1 had too many shimmers; Naked 2 fell under my radar; Naked 3 was too warm toned for my colouring.  Smashbox Full Exposure looks gorgeous, has had mixed reviews, though not enough to put me off and I’d like to try it out. Clinique 16 Shades of Beige looks pretty, but hasn’t made my heart race, though I’ve been known to change my mind about these things!

Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Eye Palette is like a stripped down version of the Smashbox in my eyes (for the same price). Four nudes and 2 metallics in  slim, compact packaging for a pretty, everyday eye that can be smoked & shimmered up for evening.

Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Eye-Palette-colours Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Eye-Palette-pic

The palette has a built in mirror and good quality double ended brush: one slim, flat end for applying colour and a fluffier end for blending (a keeper). I used the flat end for all of these swatches, as I thought it might be more helpful to give a true idea of how the colours look applied ‘normally’, assuming most of you wouldn’t swipe them on heavily with a finger.

Bobbi-Brown-Nectar Nude-Eye-Palette-swatches 

Pale Cream is a pale matte nude, almost identical to my skintone, which works well as an allover base, brightens the eyes worn alone and works well with the addition of Soft Buff for a very natural daytime look. The least pigmented of all the shades.

Soft Buff is a pale warm neutral matte, great for crease work or blending out the edges of a smokey eye.

Golden Bronze is a metallic pale bronze with fine shimmer running through it, lovely for the mobile lid or adding a little something to an otherwise basic eye look.

Pink Bellini is a peachy rose tinted metallic gold with fine sparkle, which adds a subtle twinkle. Think a ladylike version of glitter!  This one has quite a hard formula - possibly to avoid fallout or over-glittering. I struggled to lift enough product with the brush and found it worked best applied with a finger and patted onto the centre of my lid to add a layer of sparkle. 

Earth is a cool dark matte brown, which adds definition and smokiness in the crease,  or can be applied as a liner.

Rich Caviar is a highly pigmented matte black, gorgeous to smoke up the look for evening, as a liner or to soften a cat eye flick.

The swatches above are on bare skin. I’ve been wearing these colours on my eyes over my new NARS smudge-proof eyeshadow base (loving this - ode to follow) and 8 hours later, they’ve lasted well with no creasing.  This palette appeals to me as I like a very natural eye look, with enough definition to enhance my eyes without looking like I’m wearing a lot of make-up. I think it’s perfect for day to evening use, though probably not one for those who like a really dramatic look.

Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Eye Palette launches in March rrp £37.50

Do you like the look of Nectar & Nude or have you had your fill of nude palettes?


Dermalogica Clear Start Skincare: Review


Dermalogica recently released new skincare line called Clear Start, targeted towards teenage skin that suffers from breakouts. Focusing on skin health, the range contains no artificial fragrances or colours, alcohol or aggressive ingredients. Although I’m not the target customer, I’ve been testing the products with a little help from my friends. Unlike many of the harsh, skin-drying treatments I’ve tried in the past, I found these really gentle and surprisingly pleasant to use… they just helped clear up the issue quickly.

These are my top 4:

Emergency Spot Fix - described as a concentrated gel, this feels more like a cream to me. Designed for use directly on the breakout, it dries quickly and leaves no tacky residue. I could apply moisturiser and make-up straight after. It smells faintly of Tea Tree, but is not overpowering. This reduced a breakout almost overnight for me, which I don’t say lightly as normally these kind of products prolong the issue if anything. NB don’t be tempted to apply a blob on your chin, leave it to dry and go out in public as it dries white… pretty.

All Over Toner - this face and body spritz contains Salicylic Acid to treat the breakout as well as 12 botanicals to minimize redness and Lemongrass and Bitter Orange to refresh the skin. A very fine, even mist, it is very soothing and refreshing on any inflammation, doesn’t leave skin wet and smells slightly herbal. If I only purchased one product from the range, this would be it.

Foaming Wash - perfect for in the shower, this contains Salicylic Acid and 8 botanicals to treat and soothe broken skin - or keep breakouts at bay in areas where you might be prone. It feels refreshing, is not drying and I love the flip-top lid for quick and easy use.


Pore Control Scrub - I had to include a pic of this to show you how fine textured and creamy it is. I’m not a big exfoliator, but actually love this. It may even have converted my husband to skincare. If you’re familiar with Dermalogica’s Microfoliant, the texture of this feels just as fine to me… teeny tiny grains that don’t aggravate delicate skin.

What sets this range apart for me is that it doesn’t look or feel like skincare for breakouts; it just feels like lovely skincare, which happens to benefit breakouts. If my children were teenagers, this is what I’d buy them - and then nick it off them when required.

Dermalogica Clear Start from RRP £13 here or a travel kit with minis cost £28 here.



Blush & Go!

Real-Techniques-Retractable-Kabuki-Brush, New-CID-iBlossom-Rose, Chantecaille-Akoya, Bourjois-Nude-Velvet-Cream-Blush

Most people opt for the usual make-up staples for on-the-go touch ups: lipstick and powder. I always add blusher to the mix. Half way through the day, I find a pop of blush awakens my face just as much as a slick of bright lipstick; put the two together and it’s win:win. 

Side note: if you carry a full make-up bag at all times, then this probably won’t be an issue - personally I rarely do. I tend to pop the bare essentials in a mini make-up bag or the zip pocket of my handbag. In fact this post was inspired by the joyful rediscovery of some favourites in a bag I hadn’t used for a few months - dontchya just love that?!

Of course blush isn’t the easiest option to carry or apply on the go, so I’ve lined up my trusty options for fellow can’t-live-without-blush fans (it’s not just me, is it?).

New CID i-blossom: Rose £18.50 at Feel Unique

The first solution I discovered, this little cutie has a sponge in the lid, powder blush in the base and a mirror on top - compact blush perfection. I remove any excess on the back of my hand, pat a little onto my cheek and blend with fingers. A true rose pink with a sheen and finely milled sparkle - lovely for evening.

Chantecaille Poudre de Pearl: Akoya £36.50 at Nordstrom

This coral-toned pink blush leaves a beautiful luminous finish on the skin. Loose powder blush is stored in the base: I just tap the brush on the back of my hand to fill it with the correct amount of product for application, then swirl to ensure it’s distributed evenly before applying to my face. Currently out of stock online at Space NK and Liberty, I could only track it down at Nordstrom.

Bourjois Cream Blush: Nude Velvet £7.99 at Boots (on 3 for 2)

I’ve raved about this at length before and still love its foolproof cream to powder formula, which is so easy to sweep on with the flat of a forefinger and pat into place. It even comes with it’s own built-in mirror and is a budget-friendly option that beats most high end cream blushes I’ve tried.

Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush £11.95 at Cloud10Beauty

The newest Real Techniques is perhaps the most versatile of all. Load it up with a swirl of your blush of choice before leaving home, pop on the secure lid and you’re good to go with a ready to apply application of any colour you choose, wherever you are. Obviously this is only good for one application, so perfect for an evening out, but you could of course add a small compact blush if you’re off for a weekend away, keeping both your brush and make-up/hand bag clean and hygienic. The new collection also includes a retractable bronzing brush, but I actually think this one is big and versatile enough to cover both blush and bronze. Did I mention it’s a soft as a baby bunny?

Travel-blushReal-Techniques-Retractable-Kabuki-Brush, New-CID-iBlossom-Rose, Chantecaille-Akoya, Bourjois-Nude-Velvet-Cream-Blush-pics  

Do you blush-on-the-go? (please someone say yes!)




Creamy Cleansers: Clarins Extra Comfort Anti Pollution, Soap & Glory The Ultimelt

 Clarins-Extra-Comfort-Cleanser-review Clarins-Extra-Comfort-Cleanser-texture Clarins-Extra-Comfort-Cleanser

Some days the effort of using cleansing balms and oils seems a bit too much like hard work… and when this happens, I reach for a creamy cleanser. I find the former works best on full make-up, while the no-residue-easy-rinse texture of cream cleansers are perfect for a morning cleanse or when I’m wearing lighter make-up.

Clarins Extra Comfort Anti Pollution Cleansing Cream 

I suspected I’d love Clarins’ new cleanser before I even tried it, as I’m already a fan of the Extra Comfort foundation - and let’s face it, who’s skin wouldn’t benefit from a little extra comfort?  This comfort factor comes from extracts of nourishing shea butter, mango, and jojoba oil with anti-pollution moringa seed.  I massage it in, then remove with a flannel and warm water. The formula is rich, creamy and an absolute pleasure to use… it leaves my skin feeling completely clean, yet not at all squeaky or tight, just soft and soothed to the extent that I could almost skip moisturiser (though never do). The consistency feels luxurious and you get a lot for your money with 200ml packed into the flip-top tube.

Clarins Extra Comfort Anti Pollution Cleansing Cream rrp £25. though you can currently get it for £20 at Escentual.

Soap Glorry-The-Ultimelt-Cleanser Soap Glorry-The-Ultimelt-Hot-Cloth-Cleanser IMG_4295

Soap & Glory The Ultimelt 

If you don’t wish to part with quite so much cash, Soap & Glory The Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser is a great option - not actually much cheaper at £10 for 100ml (half the size of Clarins) - but a smaller initial outlay. I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t expect to be so impressed with this. I’d only used Soap & Glory body products before and while I liked them, the skincare snob in me (yes I admit it) assumed this would be an average product; in fact it’s just as good as many high end cleansers I’ve tried and I really enjoy using it.  Described as ‘a detox spa for your skin’, the concentrated formula contains essential oils and vitamins for deep cleansing without stripping the skin.  You can see how dense the texture is in the pic above and the muslin cloth provided is a goodun’, though I do remain faithful to my Washi Cloths.

Soap & Glory the Ultimelt rrp £10 at Boots (on 3 for 2)

What’s your favourite type of cleanser: cream, balm, oil or gel?


Giveaway: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush


Time for a little thank you from me to you… I’d like to treat a reader to one of this season’s most desirable beauty launches, an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in the colour of your choice (subject to availability). 

Not sure which you fancy? See the range & reviews at Space NK HERE!  My original review is here.

Please enter via the Rafflecopter below & remember to leave a comment on this post with your first and second choice of shade and a contact email.  Open internationally, closes Sunday 24 February 2014, midnight GMT.  Winner will be selected at random & prize purchased by me.  Good luck everyone!




Wet n Wild Cosmetics in Belfast & Walking on Eggshells Swatches


No I’m not talking about the weather...  Wet n Wild is a US cosmetics brand that repeatedly pops up in beauty bloggers’ US hauls, amid raves of amazing quality at drugstore prices.  So I thought local readers would be pleased to hear I’d tracked it down in a wee chemist in Belfast and the rest of you might like to hear about what I bought there! 


Not the best pics as the stand was right next to the till and I was a bit self conscious about snapping away, but as you can see there is shedload of stock!  I was just popping in with the kids so didn’t have time for much of a play - and lots of the testers were still unopened, requiring fiddly seals to be broken before exploring.

Walking on Eggshells

WetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells-paletteWetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells-swatches     WetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells-swatchWetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells

I did of course manage to make one purchase, the Walking on Eggshells eye shadow palette (£4.99 if I remember correctly).  As anticipated, the quality is super buttery and pigmented - these are all single swipe swatches. The shimmery peach eyelid shade has the most payoff and intensity, a tad too pale and shimmery for me to be honest as I don’t normally wear pale colours on my lid. Obviously the guidelines are useful, but don’t have to be adhered to, so wear each shade where you like! The crease shade is a deep bronze and my favourite of the three. I love this all over my lid, or on top of the peach for a bit more pop and added sheen (discovered by fluke while trying to cover up a peach lid!).  I was pleased to find that the browbone cream champagne tone is the sheerest of the three, as I don’t like too much light or shimmer here (can look a bit OTT). This adds just enough highlight and works well on the inner corner too.  No reason why the browbone and eyelid colours couldn’t be used as a cheek highlight too.

I’m heading back soon for a proper look with blogger & MUA, Rebecca Bryson, so keep an eye on her YouTube Channel to see if Wet n Wild features in any upcoming tutorials!  Wet n Wild is available at MediCare Pharmacy, 11 Kings Square (off the Kings Road) in Belfast (thanks for the heads up Arlene - aka dressjunkie).  I’ve no idea if it’s sold at their other branches - or in Dunnes, where it’s been spotted by Dublin bloggers. This chemist previously stocked Essence, which sadly appears to have disappeared to make way for Wet n Wild.

I’d love to know if you have any Wet n Wild recs, particularly of the non eye shadow variety, as I’ve heard nothing about the rest of the range?


Latest in Beauty Glamour Edit Feb 2014: Discount Code



The Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Edit launched this month - an edit of Spring beauty must-haves selected by Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Ed.  The box of beauty goodies worth £45 costs just £14.95 and includes some real winners.  Unlike the latest Birchbox, this contains three make-up items as well as hair and body products -  read on for a closer look at what’s inside…


From the left:

Invisi bobble - essentially a piece of old fashioned plastic telephone wire for your hair that promises no breaks or snags.  This grips my hair like nothing else and I really struggle to find a bobble that doesn’t slip out - win!

Burt Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - 100% natural, moisturising lip soother

Cheeky Nail Paint in Chat Me Up - I’m loving this orangey toned red and Instagrammed swatches of me wearing this today here.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara - new from L’Oreal this thin, flexible wand takes a bit of getting used to, but delivers great lash from first use. Even one coat gives me good volume.  It’s quite strongly scented, incase that’s an issue for anyone.

Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Aqua Velvet - an exclusive to this box, I can’t begin to describe how buttery the texture of this is - it literally glides on. Not my kinda colour, but if the other shades are a similar formula, I’ll be picking some up.

Percy & Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse - I’m getting back into hair mousse recently and this one is the perfect size for weekends away and gym bags.

Rituals Zensation foaming shower gel - I love the formula of Rituals Shower gel that lathers into mousse and this one literally smells like a Spring day!


My favourites from the bunch are the first three: Invisi Bobble, Cheeky and Burt Bees.  You can purchase this box with these exact contents as a one off, no need to subscribe.

Latest in Beauty Glamour Edit is available now here - use the code LOVE14 to receive 14% off your order until midnight TONIGHT, 14 Feb 2014.

Are you tempted?




Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush: Radiant Magenta - review & swatches


The arrival of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush has caused a lot of ooh-ing and ahh-ing in the beautysphere in recent weeks.  Having fallen head over heels with the Ambient Lighting Palette (review here) I just knew one of these would have to be mine.  I lost patience and pre-ordered Radiant Magenta from Space NK, though held off on posting about it until this week’s official launch (for reasons I’ll explain below).  These blushers are a thing of beauty - that’s a cert.  Are they for everyone?  Possibly…


The sleek, slim metallic palette is in itself a thing of beauty.  Full size mirror: check; closes securely: check; feels sturdy: check; no unnecessary brushes: check.


Gasp… isn’t it gorgeous?! Each blush is unique, which is what makes these a. extra special and b. a challenge.  The reason for this is that the pigmented blush is marbled with original Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. This gives them a magical sense of dimension, softening and blurring the pigment for a beyond-blush, lit from within glow. If you get the right ratio of pigment:marbling.  I’ve been told that this is an issue for many and while it’s not a huge one for me, I’d kinda like a little more marbling in mine.  Radiant Magenta is bright. The strongest, brightest colour of the bunch, it packs quite a lot of punch, and while I do like a bright pink flush, I have to be a bit more careful with this than I’d like.  I’m pretty sure this would be less of an issue for deeper skin tones and won’t bother me at all come Summer, but for now, it’s the one element that prevents a 100% perfect status. 

I want to blend the blush with the Ambient powder to soften it, but the more I blend, the more product ends up on my brush - and therefore my cheeks, so to avoid being too Aunt Sally, I really need to go gently with this. I photographed the brush above after lightly swirling it in the powder - and you can see both the depth of colour and how much product is picked up.  I’ve since switched to the Real Techniques Duo Fibre brush, which allows for a much more subtle application - tapping some off on the back of my hand pre-cheeks is still essential.  I realise this is partly my own issue… when I have a new makeup product I like to keep playing with it - reapplying, touching up throughout the day - it’s a weakness. And with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, there is no excuse/need to do this. Hardly a fault really…


Left - finger swatch, right - brush swatch.  The colour is quite exquisite really. The cool pink magenta base takes on a slightly warmer, coral tone when blended with the powder. 


Apologies for the rubbish quality phone pic, but hopefully this will give you some idea of how it looks applied on my colouring.  I actually think Radiant Magenta would look amazing on darker skin tones. I paired it with my still much loved Sisley Phyto Lip Twist in Pinky (& yes I did plan my Summer-in-February outfit around a blusher!). 

So in a nutshell, these rock.  I want another one that I’ll get more wear out of in Winter.  If you opt for the Radiant Magenta and have the chance to check them out in person, I’d probably do so to ensure that you’re happy with the amount of marbling.  I’m hovering over Dim Infusion at the moment…

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush costs £28 at Space NK or Liberty 

Do you like the sound of these - and if so, which one?!


Exclusive: New No7 Beautiful Skin Dark Circle Corrector


If you suffer from tired eyes and dark circles, you’ll love the new release from No7 later this month (19 Feb). No7 Beautiful Skin Dark Circle Corrector has been developed to help reduce dark circles in two weeks and instantly de-puff and illuminate tired eyes.  The product combines light reflective technology in pearlescent particles for instant brightening with longer acting ingredients to reduce dark circles over time. 

The formula includes active ingredients such as Vitamin C, caffeine and Pro Vitamin B5 to:
  • improve firmness and tone around the eye contour
  • drain excess fluid to reduce puffiness
  • reduce dark circles
  • moisturise the skin.


Product is dispensed through 3 little metal balls, which provide an instantly cooling effect on the skin which I find super soothing on tired eyes.  Pearl extract helps reflect light while the yellow-gold liquid counteracts the blue tone of under eye shadows.


Squeezing the tube very gently releases the sheer golden fluid, which comes in one universal anti-dark shadow shade.  NB this is not a concealer and although it adds an instant subtle radiance to the eye area, is not designed to completely disguise shadows.  Don’t be tempted to overdo it to try and cover up as this is primarily a skincare product, which works well either alone or under make-up.  I find that light application of a small amount works best to avoid pilling… I use my ring finger to make sure the product is completely blended into my skin after enjoying a few moments of the cooling applicator!

If you do wish to conceal dark shadows, you’ll need to apply a separate under eye concealer over this, or after foundation.

Top, straight from the tube and below, blended and left to dry, you can hopefully see the colour correcting golden sheen.
“In consumer trials more than 80% of (97) women agreed that their dark circles and puffiness were reduced after just 2 weeks and they felt more confident as a result.”
I’ve only been using this product for a few days and enjoy the instant cooling and brightening effect… I look forward to seeing how it affects my dark circles after two weeks.  NB no beauty product alone will achieve this: sufficient sleep, drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet all contribute to reducing dark circles, so while it’s great to have a product that helps boost the process, it’s important to take a holistic approach.

NEW No7 Beautiful Skin Dark Circle Corrector, 15 ml, £13.50, will be available from 19 February in most Boots UK stores nationwide and online at


Valentines Day (or not) Love Gifts


I’m not a big Valentines Day celebrator, but for those who are, or for anyone who fancies treating themselves, here are my picks of some classy love gifts (self gifting actively encouraged!).  Each one come beautifully packed and presented - and isn’t the kind of thing we’d normally buy ourselves, always the best kind of gift in my book.

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads
First up, Too Faced Sweetheart Beads - one of the prettiest make-up products I’ve seen in a long time, these pastel coloured hearts are designed to correct skin tone and give a lit from within look. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, assuming they would be a. verging on colourless and b. quite shimmery. In fact they do add a subtle warm glow to the skin, neither bronze nor blush, but somewhere in between - verging on golden in the light.


Above, left - each bead swatched individually (not that you’d actually use them like that!) and right, blended together. Can you see the glow?  Using a Real Techniques Duo Fibre brush, I sweep these all over my face pre-blush, in place of a setting powder for a wide awake radiant finish.
Currently on offer here.

NEOM: Love Candle

New from Neom, Love is a limited edition candle featuring a rich, creamy blend of the oils from Jasmine and Tuberose petals with essence of Mimosa.  Described as ‘a warming fragrance with a hint of honey and spice’, to me it smells like contentment, aka pure bliss.  As with each of these gifts, the packaging is half of the beauty - from the striking box to the heavy black glass, this is Neom’s best design yet.
Find it here.

Clinique: Kiss It Better Lips & Nails
Clinique-Nail-polishLulu Guinness Lip Coin Purse with Super Strawberry - High Res  

Clinique’s annual Kiss it Better campaign is offering up some absolute beauties here.  Left, the perfect it’s almost Spring nail polish with A Different Nail Enamel in Kiss it Better and right, limited edition Lulu Guinness Coin Purse with Clinique's Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry.  50% of profits from the nail polish and the full RRP of the coin purse will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. Kudos, Clinique. 
Find the nail polish here and the coin purse here or in-store at Clinique counters or House of Fraser. 

Aromatherapy Bath & Shower Oil

To be fair you really can’t go wrong with an Aromatherapy Associates oil, so just choose which one most appeals to your current frame of body and mind and you’ll be onto a winner.  Recently I’ve been loving Inner Strength, created to help balance emotions, calm thoughts and fortify the body - I couldn’t run that bath fast enough!  Not only are these oils beautifully scented, well packaged and very potent (only one capful is required per bath), they act as an actual treatment too - think mini home spa.  
The first time I stepped into a bath of Inner Strength, the cynical side of me didn’t expect to emerge feeling much different, but hand on heart, I genuinely did feel soothed and restored afterwards.  I often dab a drop on pulse points when I don’t have time for a bath.
The best price I’ve found for this (with free delivery) is here.

Amouage Interlude WomanAmouage-Interlude-Woman-perfumed-soap

It takes a lot for me to get excited about a bar of soap, but this is no ordinary soap - and while I should not admit this, the packaging was almost enough for me.  Interlude Bath & Body is a new collection from this niche luxury fragrance house for the absolute ultimate in pampering.  


At this point I ought to tell you how the soap lathers beautifully and leaves a gorgeous scent on my skin that lasts all day; instead I must confess that I’ve found this way too pretty to use so far.  Instead I’ve been enjoying its perfume, which is strong enough for me to catch a waft every time I go into the room.  Made with natural vegetable oils to maintain the skin’s balance, its scent is zesty and spicy - with bergamot, ginger, frankincense and rose included in the highly sophisticated mix.  As I’m unlikely to ever afford a perfume from the range, I’ll be holding onto this soap for a little longer…
Find Amouage at Selfridges, Harrods or its boutique in Lowndes St, London.

Would any of these make your day this Friday?
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