Dermalogica Clear Start Skincare: Review


Dermalogica recently released new skincare line called Clear Start, targeted towards teenage skin that suffers from breakouts. Focusing on skin health, the range contains no artificial fragrances or colours, alcohol or aggressive ingredients. Although I’m not the target customer, I’ve been testing the products with a little help from my friends. Unlike many of the harsh, skin-drying treatments I’ve tried in the past, I found these really gentle and surprisingly pleasant to use… they just helped clear up the issue quickly.

These are my top 4:

Emergency Spot Fix - described as a concentrated gel, this feels more like a cream to me. Designed for use directly on the breakout, it dries quickly and leaves no tacky residue. I could apply moisturiser and make-up straight after. It smells faintly of Tea Tree, but is not overpowering. This reduced a breakout almost overnight for me, which I don’t say lightly as normally these kind of products prolong the issue if anything. NB don’t be tempted to apply a blob on your chin, leave it to dry and go out in public as it dries white… pretty.

All Over Toner - this face and body spritz contains Salicylic Acid to treat the breakout as well as 12 botanicals to minimize redness and Lemongrass and Bitter Orange to refresh the skin. A very fine, even mist, it is very soothing and refreshing on any inflammation, doesn’t leave skin wet and smells slightly herbal. If I only purchased one product from the range, this would be it.

Foaming Wash - perfect for in the shower, this contains Salicylic Acid and 8 botanicals to treat and soothe broken skin - or keep breakouts at bay in areas where you might be prone. It feels refreshing, is not drying and I love the flip-top lid for quick and easy use.


Pore Control Scrub - I had to include a pic of this to show you how fine textured and creamy it is. I’m not a big exfoliator, but actually love this. It may even have converted my husband to skincare. If you’re familiar with Dermalogica’s Microfoliant, the texture of this feels just as fine to me… teeny tiny grains that don’t aggravate delicate skin.

What sets this range apart for me is that it doesn’t look or feel like skincare for breakouts; it just feels like lovely skincare, which happens to benefit breakouts. If my children were teenagers, this is what I’d buy them - and then nick it off them when required.

Dermalogica Clear Start from RRP £13 here or a travel kit with minis cost £28 here.


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