Wet n Wild Cosmetics in Belfast & Walking on Eggshells Swatches


No I’m not talking about the weather...  Wet n Wild is a US cosmetics brand that repeatedly pops up in beauty bloggers’ US hauls, amid raves of amazing quality at drugstore prices.  So I thought local readers would be pleased to hear I’d tracked it down in a wee chemist in Belfast and the rest of you might like to hear about what I bought there! 


Not the best pics as the stand was right next to the till and I was a bit self conscious about snapping away, but as you can see there is shedload of stock!  I was just popping in with the kids so didn’t have time for much of a play - and lots of the testers were still unopened, requiring fiddly seals to be broken before exploring.

Walking on Eggshells

WetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells-paletteWetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells-swatches     WetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells-swatchWetnWild-Walking-on-Eggshells

I did of course manage to make one purchase, the Walking on Eggshells eye shadow palette (£4.99 if I remember correctly).  As anticipated, the quality is super buttery and pigmented - these are all single swipe swatches. The shimmery peach eyelid shade has the most payoff and intensity, a tad too pale and shimmery for me to be honest as I don’t normally wear pale colours on my lid. Obviously the guidelines are useful, but don’t have to be adhered to, so wear each shade where you like! The crease shade is a deep bronze and my favourite of the three. I love this all over my lid, or on top of the peach for a bit more pop and added sheen (discovered by fluke while trying to cover up a peach lid!).  I was pleased to find that the browbone cream champagne tone is the sheerest of the three, as I don’t like too much light or shimmer here (can look a bit OTT). This adds just enough highlight and works well on the inner corner too.  No reason why the browbone and eyelid colours couldn’t be used as a cheek highlight too.

I’m heading back soon for a proper look with blogger & MUA, Rebecca Bryson, so keep an eye on her YouTube Channel to see if Wet n Wild features in any upcoming tutorials!  Wet n Wild is available at MediCare Pharmacy, 11 Kings Square (off the Kings Road) in Belfast (thanks for the heads up Arlene - aka dressjunkie).  I’ve no idea if it’s sold at their other branches - or in Dunnes, where it’s been spotted by Dublin bloggers. This chemist previously stocked Essence, which sadly appears to have disappeared to make way for Wet n Wild.

I’d love to know if you have any Wet n Wild recs, particularly of the non eye shadow variety, as I’ve heard nothing about the rest of the range?

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