Hotel Chocolat Beauty: Repose Cocoa Juvenate Candle & Shower Crème


It was news to me that Hotel Chocolat has an award-winning beauty and home fragrance range, the perfect indulgence to beat any lingering January blues.  Though if you’re expecting a non calorific chocolate fix, think again, as overtly chocolate, this is not.  Repose is a new addition to the Cocoa Juvenate range, designed to aid rest and regeneration… I’ll have a double helping of that please.

Warm and velvety, the cocoa base is blended with musk, sandalwood and leather, making it much more perfumed than the sweet, ‘edible’ scent that I expected.  It is in fact also available in a perfume, which I imagine to be rather gorgeous… I must pop into Hotel Chocolat next time I’m in town and have a sniff.  Although labelled a treatment candle, this is not a massage candle (another misassumption I made), but designed as a soothing, relaxing end of day treat-ment.  It fills the room softly without dominating it, which I love. 

“inspired by the scent of the cocoa groves around our Cocoa Juvenate Spa in Saint Lucia.”        *books flight*

The Shower Crème is rich and moisturising in texture, so only a little is required, but it’s the heavenly scent that gets me every time.  Made with West Indian cocoa butter, Moroccan argan oil, shea butter and rice germ oil, my skin loves it too.


Just look at that packaging… couldn’t get much more perfect in my eyes.

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Repose candle burns for 30-50 hours and costs £30, less than a lot of high end candles around. The Shower Crème costs £16 and the range is available here.

Have you tried anything from Hotel Chocolat - beauty or edible?!

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