Floral Nail Art: Lilac & Roses


















Please be gentle as I share my first foray into nail art beyond the level of a few dots!  I’d bought a set of brushes on eBay more than a year ago with the intention of getting all creative and just not got around to it, but took a little notion to have a go one afternoon last week.  This floral design was just a quicky, which I know pales in comparison with some of my favourites like Nailicious and Makeupsavvy, but if you don’t look too closely, I think it looks quite pretty from a distance!


















For the base I used LVX Azalea, with NYC Midtown (full swatches here) for the roses (yes that’s what they were in my mind!); RImmel Salon Pro in Peppermint for the leaves background, topped with NYC in a gorgeous grassy green.























My tools were these three dainty brushes and my palette, a slip of cellophane from a powder compact! I just dabbed one drop of colour on the palette, picked up a tiny amount with a brush and went in!

nail-art-brushes (2)















This is the full brush set and dotting tools, which cost about £2-3 on ebay and includes an amazing array of fine and feathery brushes, some firm, some pointed, some long and skinny – brilliant value. I’m looking forward to experimenting more and getting more creative!

Have you ever tried nail art and do you enjoy it? I found it really relaxing and fun!


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