The Skin Brighteners: Blue Plasma, Pepta Bright & Illuminate


Post Winter skin can appear a little dull from exposure to cold weather, central heating, lack of fresh air and Vitamin D.  Over the past few months I’ve been trialling three skin brightening products to help address these issues: Perricone MD Blue Plasma, Indeed Labs’ Pepta-Bright and Crystal Clear Illuminate.   While each of these have slightly different roles, they all help create a brighter, more even complexion.  Here’s how…

Blue Plasma by Perricone MD, £78 - This non acidic peel is designed to provide all the benefits of a salon peel at home, minus the red, irritated skin. It skims over healthy skin, only attacking the dead cells and boosting renewal, while unclogging impurities and adding hydration - quite a little workhorse!  It didn’t irritate my skin one little bit and did provide a more even tone.  I actually loved the cool, light texture, which sinks straight in and gets to work, plus the dropper makes it super hygienic and easy to use.  This is the first product I’ve tried by the highly esteemed Perricone MD and it’s definitely left me hungry for more!

Pepta-bright by Indeed Labs, £29.99 - I have a few staples by this brand in my stash, including Eysilix and Hydraluron, so was excited to try its latest offering, which didn’t disappoint. This little number lightens hyperpigmentation and scarring, while helping create a more even skintone and luminous complexion.  After using this for a few weeks I stopped when passing the mirror (more than once) and was actually taken aback by how healthy and even my own skin looked. I even went out without make-up, several times.  These things never happen.  Need I say more? (besides that it’s on 3 for 2 at Boots!)

Illuminate by Crystal Clear, £60 - Unlike the two above, this is not a new product, but the celeb (Beckham) favourite brand is new to me.  This multi-tasker is a moisturiser with skin brightening properties, which hydrates and diminishes age spots while brightening and firming dull, lifeless skin. Ingredients range from essential oils and Vitamins to peptides and active minerals.  It also contains UV protectors, so is perfect for this time of year.  I feel a slight tingling as if it is actively working on my skin as soon as I massage it in and although pricey, I think the multiple effects are worth the investment.

Does your skin ever look a bit dull & lifeless?






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