Face Oils: Pai Age Confidence & Bodhi Neroli Luce

Pai Age Confidence & Neroli Luce

It's taken me a couple of days to write this post as Windows Live Writer isn't loading for me so I'm writing this in Blogger, prehistoric style... hopefully it will look ok, but if not, that's why!

Today I want to introduce two additions to my skincare repertoire: Pai Age Confidence Facial Oil and Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil.

Bodhi Neroli Luce

While I'd recommend Pai for more mature skins, the Bodhi will suit all skin types in need of a little nourishment.  In a complete stroke of genius, it's been created to suit even blemish prone skin.  While it's a myth that adding oil to oily skin will create more oily skin (it actually provides balance), I can still understand why oily acneic types steer clear.  No need any longer, for this oil is the lightest formula I've tried.  Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely brimming with goodness: Neroli, Frankincense, Sea Buckthorn, Grapeseed, Evening Primrose, Apricot, Jojoba - and more...

Designed to be used after cleansing and toning, before moisturiser.  I've only recently learned that moisturiser should be applied on top of oil - did you know that? My skincare guru, Caroline Hirons, told me this week.  One to two pumps on face, neck and chest gives skin radiance and apparently can even reduce mid day shine for those who suffer from it.

£32 for 15ml here

Age Confidence & Neroli Luce Face Oils

Pai Age Confidence

Firstly, I love the name. Yes... I'm as obsessed with anti ageing as the next person, but the idea of embracing the process and using products to increase our self confidence rather than undo what we have really strikes a chord with me.

Age Confidence is applied with a pipette dropper, while the Bodhi is pumped straight into the hand. Both methods work well, though the Pai method and packaging are a little more luxe. Age Confidence  is supercharged with vitamins, omegas and essential nutrients to optimise skin health, hydrate, smooth and plump.

One of the things I love most about this product is that it comes with a facial massage guide. This is something I'm fascinated by and has made using this oil at bedtime something of a ritual, which I find really relaxing.  When I'm ready to go to sleep (in bed!) I warm a few drops between my palms, then start my facial massage - and I really love it!  You can read how to do the massage here - it would work with any oil you might already have.  My skin most definitely looks extra smooth and plump the morning after using this.

Age Confidence, £46 here

Are you a facial oil lover like me - or do you not like the idea of oil on your skin?
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