Neom Scent with Love Body Care Gift Set


If you haven’t tried Neom body care yet, the Scent with Love gift set is a great place to start. It contains four generous travel sized products across a range of fragrances and such a small amount is required that I can actually see these lasting quite a while.  Like the candles, Neom products are treatments, not just prettily fragranced potions, so expected to feel relaxed, refreshed or soothed, depending which you use…

Neom-Scent-With-Love-gift-set Neom-Scent-With-Love-minatures-travel-size

The outer sleeve (top pic) is so elegant that I was surprised to find an equally gorgeous glossy gold box beneath it, housing the four products. I can never bear to throw away packaging like this and find this size of box great for make-up storage or bits & bobs.


The Contents

Tranquillity Bath & Shower Oil (30ml) with English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine - I have the full size of this and it’s glorious. Just one capful is all that’s needed for the bath, or slather all over before showering and be prepared for a spa like experience when the hot water hits it - amazing!

Sensuous Organic Body Wash & Body Lotion (50ml each) with Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli - made with the purest essential oils this duo leaves my skin feeling and smelling properly pampered.  I accept no responsibility for any effect it may or may not have on your libido!

Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream (50ml) with Moroccan Blush Rose leaves my hands feeling cocooned and delicately fragranced with rose.

Throw in a Neom candle and I’m in heaven. Who needs spas, eh?  (actually Neom is used in some of the best spas around - now that would be worth experiencing!) Chuck them in your suitcase, pamper yourself at home or treat a loved one… Scent with Love* is £35 here.

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