Mavala That’s my Colour!

Ever see a beautiful colour and think ‘I’d love to bottle that and wear it on my nails?’  I do… it all started last year when I first spotted the cute Fiat 500 in a gorgeous icy blue.  I took a photograph of it on my phone in the Tesco car park, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible (imagine trying to explain that one… I’m photographing your car as I’d love to find a nail polish in the same shade. Err…) This led on to a twitter discussion, where it seemed others felt the same way (phew!). 

Mavala has now launched a clever campaign inviting polish lovers to share which shade they’d love to be made into a nail polish… and then they’ll actually do it!  Here’s how it works…

  1. photograph any item in a colour you love
  2. tweet your pic to @mavalaUK using #thatsmycolour hashtag or post it to Mavala’s facebook page by 5 May 2013
  3. Mavala will recreate three of the shades in nail polish as part of 'That's My Colour' collection, launching Autumn 2013!

How amazing would it be if your colour was chosen?!

Some of my attempts to recreate the Fiat 500 blue…

Nails Inc Bluebell swatchGOSH-Venus-Tiffany-Blue-polish-swatch013

From top: Nails Inc Bluebell ~ GOSH Venus ~ Barry M Blueberry Ice cream (click link to see more pics & my review of each colour).  None are quite right, but Barry M’s Blueberry ice-cream comes closest!

Sooo…. what colour would you choose?

ps just spent ages tripping down memory lane, while trying to find the Tesco car park pic!

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