Neom Contentment Fragranced Candle: Buchu, Nutmeg & Ginger

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Nom Nom Neom… Contentment is Neom’s newest fragranced candle and my favourite so far by a flickering mile.  I’m torn between wanting to light this all day every day and rationing it out in short bursts so that it lasts for longer.

Neom candles aren’t just about making your home smell good. Made with pure essential oils, they’re also treatment candles and I’ve no doubt that this is a significant part of my attraction to them - they actually make me feel good. Bit like chocolate, without the calories.

Contentment contains a cocktail of Buchu, Nutmeg and Ginger. Have you heard of Buchu before? No, me either… it looks and smells like blackcurrant, but comes from part of the fragrant South African buchu plant. Despite my penchant for chocolate (and sugar full stop to be honest) I’m not a fan of sickly sweet scents.  This one does have a sweetness about it, but I’d describe it as fresh sweet if that makes sense?  The Buchu (blackcurrant) scent balanced with the gentle spice of nutmeg and warm ginger is just perfect to my nose. 

You know the feeling you get when the sky is blue after a week of rain, or when the Spring sun finally has a touch of warmth to it… that positive, glowy inside kind of feeling? That’s Contentment.

These candles are not cheap. I was sent this one for review and if I could I’d burn it all day every day and buy a new one each week. Or even each month. Sadly that won’t be happening, so I’ll keep rationing it - burn it for a while (2h min is recommended), then blow it out and light a few Ikea numbers.  The scent lingers in the air for ages and releases a little bit even when unlit… on sunny days I set it on the windowsill as the sun’s warmth warms the wax just enough to waft a little in my direction.  Each candle has 3 wicks and burns for up to 50 hours (30% longer than standard premium candles) and at that rate, I find I can usually eek out a Neom candle for several months.

If I *need* a fix and can’t stretch to £39.50, the travel candles are generously sized and a more purse friendly £15 - or you can opt for a Reed Diffuser (with refills at half the price). Check out the new range here.

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