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Mary Elizabeth skincare is a young, affordable, no-frills natural brand that prides itself on using the purest organic ingredients.  Frankincense, Chamomile and Jojoba are just 3 of the pure essential oils in the vitamin enriched formulas, presented in recyclable packaging.  I expected to like them; I didn’t expect to be blown away by them… but a couple of these products are now in my ‘best finds since I started blogging list’ (I should really do a post with that title some time…) my skin adores them. 

Every one of the products was shortlisted or commended in the 2013 Skincare Awards - an amazing achievement - and clearly I’m not the only one impressed!

Frankincense & Rose Moisturiser, £21.50 - I defy anyone in possession of a face not to love thee. I can’t tell you how gorgeous this smells, how rich and soothing it feels on my skin and how soft it leaves my face.  If I wasn’t a fickle beauty blogger who switches skincare like most switch handbags, I’d happily use this every day, forever. Amen. 

Everything in the pot is there for a reason… Frankincense has anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and toning properties, while Rose Otto Damask Essential Oil is great for ageing or sensitive skin.  Jojoba & Meadowfoam oils boost and brighten and Thistle oil helps address large pores (whoop!).


Camellia & Geranium Gentle Face Scrub, £12.50 - I’m more of a chemical exfoliant kinda girl, but if I do use a scrub on my face, I want it to be uber gentle… and this one is. To be honest it feels more like a gorgeous waxy cleanser, with quite widely dispersed ‘bits’, which are so soft I could use this daily (& I’m a bit hyper about over exfoliating).  Rich in Vitamin A, Camellia and Avocado Oils combined with Geranium and Lavender soothe and moisturise as it cleanses.

“All of our products contain natural, organic ingredients and will never contain: Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS); parabens; synthetic fragrances; colourants; paraffin wax; petrolatum;  primary petro-chemicals.”

Juniper & Jojoba Hand Cream, £9.50 - Despite a rich cocktail of ingredients including Jojoba and Calendula Oils with Juniper, Geranium and Chamomile, this manages to soften and protect without a greasy residue and smells clean and fresh.

Spearmint & Tea Tree Nurture Balm, £6.50 is a real multi tasker.  Vitamin enriched, it’s packed with moisturising Shea Butter, Spearmint, Avocado, Hemp Seed and Tea Tree Essential Oils. My favourite place to use it is on my lips as it tastes (erm, smells) sooo good!  I also pop it on my cuticles and the little tin is perfect for keeping in my bag.

The absolute star of the show for me is the Frankincense & Rose Moisturiser and only the smallest amount is needed. Probably best for normal to dry skins as it is quite rich and especially lovely for night time… I’m going to pop some on right now!

Full ingredient lists of each product are available on the website, where you can purchase the products with free UK delivery.

Do you like to use natural skincare?

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