La Divine Fragrances: Green Tea Pomegranate Candle


La Divine Fragrances approached me in the early development stages to assist with testing their scented candles, so it’s a real honour to burn and review them at completion stage.  The founder  of this new London based brand began mixing and blending essential oils in her kitchen, before creating a luxury range with a blend of natural soy wax, subtle fragrances and lead free cotton wicks. 

La-Divine-Fragrances-Green-Tea Pomegranate-Candle

Mine is Green Tea Pomegranate, a lovely fresh, unobtrusive scent that I particularly enjoy burning during the day.  I like that it scents the air in a way that’s not overpowering, but enough for people to notice the lovely scent when they come into the house.  The heavy white glass looks elegant and burns beautifully - I prefer this look to clear glass and it gives a softly diffused light in the evening.

 La-Divine-Fragrances-Scented-Candles  La-Divine-Fragrances-Scented-Candles-review

“handmade using the finest natural fragrances and essential oils, creating a luxurious aroma that is warming and comforting but never overpowering.”

As you can see above the wax burns evenly, so there is zero wastage and burn time is an impressive 45 hours. Also available in Plump Plum (how gorgeous does that sound?!) and Tuberose Neroli, the candles are priced at £22, which I think is great for a natural, luxury candle. Plenty of people would pay a fiver for a supermarket brand that lasts a few hours, so you’re getting a lot for your money.  Find the range here.

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