Alessandro Nail Polish arrives in UK: Brown Metallic

Alessandro International is a European professional nail polish brand, just launched in the UK.  Some of you may have come across them at the recent Pro Beauty event.
“Fast drying, No chipping, Smooth & streak free application, High color intensiveness due to UV absorber, Protects nails, High gloss shine.”
Lovely as the polish is, I must admit I was almost more excited about the bottle design.  Isn’t that lid just genius?  A little dip back and front to fit finger and thumb during application, or if you prefer, ridges on the side - and a pretty logo on the top. The bottle itself is lightweight and I think may be made of sturdy acrylic rather than glass, for which I’m very grateful after dropping it on kitchen tiles which have smashed bottles in the past (red of course, just as I was on my way out for the evening… some remains may still exist on dining chair legs).
Here is the colour applied - above with flash and below in natural light.  Not my normal choice but I do like it on - it’s a kind of metallic taupe that looks more mink-champagne toned in some lights.  And yes I did nick my index nail (below), as Mr asked me to make him a coffee at this inconvenient moment, hence the next pic, as obvs I made one for myself too…

I’m a little bit in love with my new coffee cup which I picked up in Debenhams for about £5 during its 20% off deal last week… reminds me of the Pip designs and also comes in pink/red polka dots.
So back to Alessandro… it has a huge range of colours, treatments and gels, including new peel-off Striplac gel polishes… to be honest it’s so diverse it makes my head spin - and leaves me wanting more!   The brand has literally just arrived in the UK and the only supplier I know of at the moment is Nail Rooms in Cheshire, which will also be a training academy centre for Alessandro nail technicians. 
The range is currently available to buy online for professionals only, but expect to see it in salons across the UK very soon! To find out more, you can visit the website here.
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