Nip+Fab CC Cream and Eye Fix in Light: Review & Swatches

Nip Fab-CC-Cream-CC-Eye-Fix

So just as we’ve finally got our heads around BB Creams, CC Creams are being rolled out by numerous brands.  Nip+Fab’s is the first I’ve tried.  So what’s the difference?

  • BB stands for Blemish Balm - a skin base with similar (or slightly more) coverage to a tinted moisturiser, with skin benefiting properties - usually including SPF.
  • CC (usually) stands for Colour Control - supposedly providing better coverage and higher SPF than BB creams, alongside the existing skin benefits.
  • In Nip+Fab’s case, CC stands for Complexion Corrector cream, which sounds even better - and more appealing, as who doesn’t want a great complexion?!

Still with me?  Of course this is just a guideline and will vary from brand to brand. So let’s look at Nip+Fab’s offering…


Nip Fab-CC-Cream-Eye-Fix Nip Fab-CC-Cream-Eye-Fix-swatchesNip Fab-CC-Cream-Eye-Fix-review Nip Fab-CC-Cream-Eye-Fix-pics


The Light shade is perfect for me. It only comes in two shades: Light & Dark, supposedly best used blended together to find the perfect shade and adapt according to certain times of year.  Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to find that one of them suits you perfectly as few of us want to purchase twice. The Eye Fix comes in Light & Medium - mine was light, which again worked well for me.


The CC Cream has a coverage similar to that at the light end of a light-to-medium foundation, certainly more than most BB creams I’ve tried… I found it applied best with a brush for an even more flawless finish. The Eye Fix is quite peachy toned, which works well to address shadows, but is definitely more of a corrector and highlighter, so I found I needed to use this along with a concealer for optimum results. The clicky pen and brush style packaging works well and I really like the packaging of the CC Cream too. 

Low Down

The downside of all this is that although it gave good coverage, the product didn’t leave my skin dewy as expected from the ‘light diffusing pigments’. I do have dry-ish skin, but if you look at the final swatch in direct light, you can probably see just how mattifying this product is, even on my arm - there’s a slight chalkiness to the finish which just didn’t work for me.  In my view, this would work much better for oily skins and the SPF30 is of course a bonus, particularly as Spring approaches (it is, honest).

Nip+Fab CC Cream rrp £14.95, Eye Fix rrp £9.95*

So are you a BB girl or have you moved on to CCs? Or are you sticking with AAs (ohhh I remember the distant days of AAs!)

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