Body Skincare: Organic Surge Body Polish, Forest Secrets iRejuvenate & Korres Fig


These three items are residing in my bathroom as current bodycare favourites: Organic Surge Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish, Korres Fig Shower gel and Forest Secrets iRejuvenate Cream of Wonders. This is the order I use them in and why I’m enjoying them so much…

Korres Fig Shower Gel

I’d heard so many people rave about Korres products I eventually had to succumb and treat myself… I adore fig scents anyway so my first choice was a no brainer.  The scent is slightly sweet, but more fresh than anything and quite unisex. 90%+ natural, it’s packed with good stuff like aloe, vitamins and antioxidants. This was part of a set from Feel Unique and I’m now tempted by this little trio of guava, fig & basil lemon minis, perfect for holidays!

Organic Surge Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish

037Organic-Surge-Million-Dollar-Exfoliating-Scrub-review Organic-Surge-Million-Dollar-Exfoliating-Scrub

I adore the packaging of this scrub in a traditional kilner jar, but the best thing about it is the scent. Bergamot and sweet orange essential oils are among its natural ingredients - and to me, the most thrilling thing about it… in fact if I could bottle the scent I’d wear this as a perfume every day!  Of course these oils are great for your skin as well as incredibly uplifting to smell… I may have been known to use this on my hands between showers just to get my fragrant fix! 

In the second pic you can see the high percentage of oils in this product, which requires swirling with fingers before use to blend the oils with the brown sugar.  I’d describe it as medium coarse and it definitely leaves my skin silky soft and well moisturised. Such high quality ingredients don’t come cheap… this will set you back £32, a lot for a body scrub, though it really is a skin treatment and puts a lot more in than it scrubs off! 

Forest Secrets iRejuvenate Cream of Wonders


Most women invest a lot of time, money and effort on looking after the skin on their faces, while slapping any old thing (if anything!) on their bodies.  As I get older I’m determined not to neglect the skin below neck level - and intrigued to find out if lotions and potions can really make a difference to its quality.

iRejuvenate Cream of Wonders (fabulous name!) is made from botanical actives to help improve skin elasticity and regenerate collagen. It feels silky smooth and non greasy, absorbs quickly and has a lovely fresh, clean smell. I really like the mechanism - just twist the silver lid, squeeze the bottle and it pops out the top. Forest Secrets juxtapose science and nature to an unusual extent…. impressive. 

Forest Secrets have offered a 10% discount code for any readers who would like to try the Cream of Wonders, rrp £25. The code is strawberryblondeFS12 and you can purchase it here.

Do you look after the skin on your body?

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