SensatioNail Home Gel Mani: The Results after two weeks


I just realised that although I’d tweeted updates on my SensatioNail Home Starter Kit I’d never actually blogged the pictorial evidence, which I know some of you are keen to see! So here it is…

This is where I admit that I chew the tips of my nails, which was part of the appeal of gel nails in the first place, as I normally chip regular polish doing this. It turns out that chewing gels has the same effect; it just takes about 10 days rather than 10 mins. The ends come apart from the nail and eventually a little bit chips off. It’s a rubbish habit, which I hate (I blame Eastenders depressing plot lines). 

The reason I’m blaming different results in each hand is that I mainly do this on my right hand (above) and the left hand remained pretty much immaculate, except for a teensy bit of tip wear and regrowth.  Let’s have a closer look

Sensationail-after-14-days-results-raspberry-wine Sensationail-after-raspberry-wine-results  

To explain the missing polish on one nail of my left hand - I removed the gel after one week as I missed switching colours so much (beauty blogger-itus) so did a bronze glitter nail on my pinky!


Got to admit I’m well impressed with how the mani lasted on the un-chewed nails of my left hand!

I’m going to paint them again using either navy or plum in the next couple of days - join me on Instagram here to tell me which shade you prefer - and follow if you’d like to see the results! :)

In conclusion… I’m impressed. The results lasted perfectly for 10 days, with minimal damage to some nails accelerated by my chewing habit. My professional gel mani didn’t last any longer or look any better, so if you have yours done regularly, I highly recommend the SensatioNail home kit.

My original post with a full review of the kit & tutorial on how to use it is here and the shade I used was Raspberry Wine.

Have you ever had a gel mani & would you consider DIYing it? Please leave me a comment below - I love to hear your thoughts! Nic x

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