LVX Prussian with Topshop Ashes & Fire


When you discover an amazing new nail colour and just can’t stop staring at your nails? That…  LVX in Prussian and Topshop Ashes & Fire are doing it for me this weekend - and they’re not just pretty polishes either.  This was the first time I’d used either brand on my nails…


LVX 5-free

I’ll start with an official intro to LVX, as it’s new to me and I’m guessing some of you too.  In a nutshell the US brand produces seasonal fashion-led yet classic colours in a luxury formula which is also vegan and five free (so no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene or camphor). ie it’s glamorous and nail friendly.  Quite a few parallels with Headline Colors (formerly Killer Colours), which I wrote about here.


Above left is the Fall 2012 collection and right, Winter Resort 2013, from which I’m absolutely loving that deep blue, lavender and grey.

I was curious to try this brand. What I didn’t expect was to be so blown away by the formula that I think it may be the best I’ve tried to date. Ever. And I try (& own) a lot of nail polishes!  Smooth, thick enough to give great coverage yet not gloopy. Extremely pigmented - the above pic above shows just one coat. One!! Not only does this make application quicker and easier; it makes the polish itself rather economical. It’s not uber cheap at £10.99 a bottle and I’m first to admit that budget polishes have come a long way (NYC is a current love), but this is uber impressive and if you fancy a shade or two, I’d really recommend you give it a go (and I don’t say that lightly!).


Lovely as Prussian looks on its own, I felt like adding a bit of bling before heading out to crack open the Prosecco with the girls last night - and couldn’t help noticing how beautifully Topshop Ashes & Fire complemented it. The silver base with fine blue, green and red rainbow glitter looked like it was made to match and I could not resist. The flash has made the glitter look plain silver above; it’s not at all - check the colours in the bottle - that’s how it actually looks on. Better pics below…

LVX-Prussian_Topshop-Ashes-and-Fire-glitter LVX-Prussian_Topshop-Ashes-and-Fire-swatch

The pic above left without flash shows Prussian at its most true, a rich teal crème. Note the multiple colours in Topshop’s Ashes & Fire on my thumb nail in particular - isn’t it pretty?

LVX, £10.99 is available in the UK and Ireland at Cloud10Beauty, which I’m REALLY hoping will stock the Winter Resort collection soon! Topshop polishes are available at the instore or online beauty section, with glitters at £6 each.

Do you like? And does it matter to you if your polishes are nail friendly… do you look out for 3-free or 5-free?

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