Instyler Hair Styling Tool: Review - Purple V2 32mm

InStyler 32mm Rotating Iron Purple V2

The InStyler is a new hair styling tool that can be used to straighten, wave or curl dry hair using a rotating heated cylinder and brush bristles.  Hair is held between the brush and heated metal barrel as in spins, polishing the hair for added shine.

It took me a few goes to get the hang of how it works… unless you have fine or straight hair to begin with, you’ll need to blow dry it quite smooth before use and work with small sections at a time.  My Babyliss Big Hair brushes through the hair, smoothing as it spins, whereas the brush on this is really just to hold the hair in place as the barrel spins - and obviously the barrel isn’t going through your hair, just polishing the surface.  The movement is supposed to be more gentle than the constant heat of a regular straightener, though I’m not completely convinced on that, perhaps because I burned my forehead quite badly the first time I used it. There are 3 heat settings, so it’s best to start with the lowest and see how you go… and be more careful than me!

I can see how this would add volume, though would be reluctant to hold the barrel at my roots to achieve it (due to the heat) as I do with my Big Hair


Here’s how my hair looked after blow drying it smooth-ish, then twisting small sections around the metal barrel, clamping them still with the brush side and spinning for around 30 seconds until they curl.  I like these kind of relaxed, twisty curls, which look quite natural and not too overdone, so was pleased with the results.


Please excuse the bad pic - I’m not orange, believe me - it was just the light!  I just wanted to show how my hair looked a couple of hours later when I was going out… as you can see the curls had dropped quite a bit leaving loose waves. I was a bit disappointed but to be fair hadn’t used a styling product as I wanted to see how they’d fare on their own, so the moral is, finish with hair spray to make curls last!

I was sent this product for review and to be honest have mixed feelings on it, as outlined above, though YouTube is full of rave reviews so perhaps I just need a little more practice.  I used the new Purple V2 with a 32mm rotating iron; shorter or finer styles would probably be better with the smaller barrel - the full range is available at The product retails for £99, but LookFantasic currently has it for £75.

Have you tried the InStyler - and if not, do you like the idea of it?  I really think my Babyliss Big Hair is a hard act to follow!

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