Liz Earle Makeup Brushes: Blush, Eye & Contour - Rave Review


I’ve been planning a post on my favourite brushes from a selection of ranges, but this Liz Earle trio has won me over so much recently I just had to share.  I’d heard lots about how great the blusher brush is, less about the eyeshadow pair and while I love all three, the contour brush (above right) has been a real game changer.

Just to keep us all right (ie me), here’s a pic of all three with the names clearly displayed.  The brushes are beautifully made, elegant, a comfortable weight and although it’s all about using brushes as you please, I personally like having instructions on the handle!  They’re also super soft and synthetic.


I love how the Blusher brush (£15) is cut at an angle, really simplifying application as it fits the cheekbone (or where you want cheekbones to be!) perfectly. It picks up just the right amount of product - not enough to overdo it - and is tapered enough to double up as a contour brush by using the pointed end.

The Eye Colour brush (£12.50) is perfect for laying down colour. I was really in need of one like this - quite firm, flattish and a medium sized head for applying a wash of colour all over the lid or brow bone before contouring or blending. The others I have seem too soft for this which I found quite frustrating.

Until I met this little Blend & Contour (£12.50) number I never really understood the concept: ‘a good makeup brush should do most of the work for you’ - that’s exactly what this does. I use it for applying deeper shades in the crease or browbone to contour the eye and/or blending different colours together.

The reason it makes a difference is that it allows me to pick up a very small amount of product and apply a whisper of colour where I want it, making application simple, removing the worry of overdoing it and enabling precise placement.  Because it’s so soft and pliable, it also allows smooth blending without disturbing or removing the colour that’s already there.  I have to admit that this is my first brush of this kind so I’ve nothing to compare it to and maybe they all do that, but I’m very happy sticking with this one!


A final shot to show the brush heads in detail and illustrate how each of them respond under very light pressure. As you can see the blush gives quite a bit, the blend & contour a lot (as it’s so soft) and the eye colour only a little.  I’ve been using all three daily since I got them about a month ago.

Full range of brushes* available at

What are your favourite makeup brushes - and if you’re a blend & contour whizz, does this one sound as special as I think it is?  I’d love to hear your thoughts so please do leave a comment below.  Back to school tomorrow so I’m off to make packed lunches now - oh the glamour! :) xx

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