Hurry up postie! Sale purchases: beauty, style & housey stuff

My name is Nic and I’m addicted to a good bargain. I can’t deny it. I’ve tried VERY hard this year to only purchase things I truly love and have already returned all the tat acquired by straying from this rule. Naturally I had to replace those with more fabulous things (all sale bargains!), which I’m hoping to receive this week and thought I’d share my deliveries-in-waiting with you lot! :)  It’s a mix of beauty, fashion & housey stuff, kicking off with the beauty…


A-England Galahad - I’ve wanted a colour like this for ages and after hearing it described as ‘the teal of the year’ I had to have it. As I type I’ve suddenly remembered another teal I have, but I do think this one is a bit different and more blue than green toned than my Orly one. I also love the slightly dusky tinge to it, which I reckon will make it more wearable and a great shade for welcoming in the Spring!

A-England She Walks in Beauty - a pale, shimmering gold that reminds me of fairy wings, with rose & yellow gold macro & hexagonal glitter. I find pink and gold an irresistible mix and think this will look beautiful as a gradient over a dark or nude base.

I’ve wanted to try A-England for ages as so many rave about the quality and these were on offer at £6 each with free p&p (worldwide I think).  Any other colour recs?


Zara glass bead necklace - I’ve been after a bib style necklace for a while and although ornate, I think the muted gold, olive and black tones will make this really wearable for lots of occasions. I’ll probably end up wearing it with a black vest top, jeans and flats more than anything…


Zara belt with star studs - in desperate need of a tan belt and wanted one with a little bit of an edge, not so much as to distract from the outfit but enough to look pretty should a glimpse of it be caught!


Zara studded court shoes - I have a party in a very special venue in a couple of weeks and think these will be fabulous with the simple black dress and gold statement necklace I plan to wear.  Fingers crossed they fit!

Orla Kiely Fig Tree Diffuser

Orla Kiehly Fig Tree Diffuser - I love diffusers for a constant waft of fresh fragrance throughout the day when I don’t have candles lit - and must admit the pretty bottle was a significant part of my attraction to this one.  I adore fig fragrances and love my sister’s one of these (forget the smell but it’s in a black/grey bottle), so am hoping this one will be just as good!

Jumbo storage bags in apple, suki & alphabet prints - this IS the year I will get organised and I plan to use these to store everything from out of season clothes to bedding and toys.  I forget the exact measurements but these are pretty massive - like big enough to fit a duvet in - and get great reviews.

Vintage Cream 3 Basket Cake Stand

Vintage Cream Cake Stand - while I’d much rather fill this with cupcakes, I plan to use it as a fruit bowl. I hate an overcrowded fruit bowl where everything at the bottom goes mouldy before you remember it’s there, and think this will help keep everything fresh a little longer as well as looking pretty! (dotcomgiftshop again)

Blue retro clock - thought this was cute & wanted one with numbers to encourage my children to learn about telling the time!

Vintage leaf apron - because I will be a domestic goddess, learn to use my new slow cooker & make lemon drizzle cakes more often!

All housey stuff from

Fleecy king size electric blanket - last but not least, a posh leccy blankie with dual controls - just in time for the cold snap and possibly the purchase I’m most excited to receive (sad to admit I know, I know!).

That’s it… quite a lot when I look at it listed like this - eek! It’s times like this I’m glad there’s zero chance of my husband reading my blog!   Anyone else waiting for online orders or have you all moved sensibly on to thoughts of Spring?

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