Pencourage: Dear Diary…

I was one of those kids who kept a diary when I was young, a record of my teenage angst as I discovered boys, fashion and of course, a love of makeup.  My mum didn’t let me wear makeup, so I’d apply a slick of frosty pink lipstick (Rimmel Pink Shimmer) en route to the bus stop, soon moving on to a delightful contrasting orange blush to add colour to my pale cheeks. Thankfully I’ve moved on a bit since then! 

I still love looking back at those old diaries…. marvelling at the intensity of my thoughts and emotions, wavering between the urge to hug the teenage me and wanting to give myself a shove! As an adult, I’ve often longed for a similar outlet - a secret place to record the thoughts and dreams I don’t necessarily want to share with, or impose on others. So I was excited to hear about Pencourage, a new social media platform launched a few weeks ago, that offers just this…

‘Pencourage fills the gap between what people actually say and what people really think via journal entries where the user is absolutely anonymous. Basically it allows the writer to share their inner most thoughts and feelings, secure in the knowledge that no user details will ever be published, unless they specifically want them to be.’

I’ve started using Pencourage and am liking it so far - it’s quick and easy to register and start writing your online journal straightaway. It can be used to write about anything really…

  • a journey of how you might achieve your wildest dreams;
  • an everyday account of what clothes/makeup you wear;
  • progress with a healthy eating or fitness regime,
  • the different stages as your baby grows
  • which skincare products you’ve been using and how how your skin reacts. 

Personally I like the idea of recording info that I can look back on over time - either to reflect on or see how far I’ve come.  Pencourage is all about having a place to offload the details that matter to me, but probably not to others - or that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing.  Check out the site for more info or register here.

Did you write a diary when you were young? Do you still keep one - and do you like the idea of an online journal like Pencourage?

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