Lash Extensions: What to expect

This post is an absolute rave about lash extensions I had done recently, courtesy of the fabulous Dee of The Brow Parlour.  Dee also did HD Brows for me, which I was really pleased with, but oh the lashes… and omg how sad will I be when they are removed?!

To set the scene, my lashes are so pale they are practically transparent, ditto my brows. Both are also what you might call ‘scant’ or lacking in length and volume. I totally drew the short straw there.  I’ll charge right in with a before and after pic to show exactly what I mean - and hopefully explain my excitement at actually having lashes!!

Before-After-Lash-Extensions Nouveau-Lash-extensions-HD-Brows-pics-review

Isn’t the difference amazing?!  Dee and I chatted in advance about the kind of look I wanted to go for, followed by a full consultation on the day.  I asked for a little bit wow but still quite natural… I wanted to look like I had great lashes, not false ones; Dee said she had the perfect style in mind… Let’s Go Lashes

What to expect

Dee began by tinting my lashes, so that the originals would blend in with the newbies. She then set about applying the lashes ONE BY ONE which I hadn’t expected at all.  She created a frame, positioning the shape and angle along my lashline, then went back over the area adding more lashes of different lengths, building up to the correct amount of volume.

Can I just tell you this is the most patient, gentle woman I have ever met… so calm and evidently a complete pro at what she does, which set me completely at ease. I had to lie there looking down with my eyes slightly open for around an hour, which wasn’t particularly easy as I just wanted to drift off, but I didn’t experience one iota of discomfort - amazing for someone who doesn’t like their eyes being poked at!


This is the pic Dee took immediately after doing my lashes… oh what I’d give to have them look like that naturally!


I had to apply a sealant twice a day *usually once, cough* which is a bit fiddly but ok. Oil-free makeup remover is a must, so I’ve been using Melvita Micellar Water or Naked Skin Blinking Lovely (links lead to my reviews of these two) with cotton buds.  I do find it quite fiddly removing eye makeup with these on as I’m not used to manoeuvring my way around such long lashes and was terrified of knocking one off, but I honestly didn’t feel the need to wear much anyway so it was no biggy!

Obviously you have to avoid touching your eyes and can’t really rub them. Dee’s main warning was not to pull them out or attempt removal myself as this can damage the natural lash which extensions are attached to, so I’ve resisted temptation and promised to go back and have them removed by her (a service she provides for free).  It’s now 10 days since application and I’ll have the lashes removed in a few days, boo… but I’ll most definitely have them done again.

Nouveau-Lash-extensions-HD-Brows-pics-review (2) Nouveau-Lash-extensions-HD-Brows-pics-review (3)

A couple more pics I took a few days later… I’m not wearing any other eye makeup in these pics other than a tiny bit of mascara on lower lashes.  To be honest I haven’t felt the need to anyway as my new lashes and brows frame my eyes naturally, to the extent that I have worn little other makeup since having them.  I’m actually amazed at the difference they make to my overall look and just love getting up in the morning and looking ok!


On my way out last Saturday night... I actually hate this pic with my slightly panicked on my way out the door as the taxi beeped its horn impatiently and my kids tried to climb up my leg for a goodnight kiss, but wanted to let you see the lashes in context of full makeup. I know I could have made more of them by playing up my eyes, but instead left them faux au natural and focused on my current favourite red lip, the gorgeous Laura Mercier Plumberry.

Any local readers interested in lash extensions, I can’t recommend Dee highly enough… she mainly works in the Belfast and Lisburn areas and you can check out more of her work and contact details on Facebook at The Brow Parlour or chat to her on twitter @DFT33 - she’s very friendly and her number is now etched in my little black beauty book!  I’ll be back with the lowdown on my HD Brow experience very soon!

Have you ever had lash extensions - or do you like the idea?

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