James Read Gradual Tan for Face in Light


If you’re bronzing up for Christmas parties, don’t forget to make sure your face tones in with your body by applying a subtle self tanning product.  I’m loving James Read Gradual Tan for Face in Light - perfect for this time of year and works really well on pale skins.  I don’t want to look tanned, just to remove the ghostly blue grey glare and look a little more, well… awake!


The Formula

I always struggle to find a facial self tanner with a good formula and this is one of the best I’ve tried… here’s why:

  • I love the cute squat packaging and pump mechanism - quick, easy & hygienic
  • The liquid is super light and totally non sticky
  • It applies smoothly, easily and sinks in very quickly
  • Makeup can be applied pretty much immediately afterwards (though prob wise to wait a little while if you can)

The Colour

Perfect for pale skins at any time of year, the lotion applies white and develops into a light golden wash… I really don’t look tanned (though I guess it could be layered up) - I just look less pale and washed out if that makes sense?  This is a good thing for the morning after, which I’m just coming round from now after the Christmas party of the year last night. Hence my blog post at almost midnight. The colour wears off gradually and can be reapplied every few days to maintain.

Do you use self tan at this time of year?


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