Hair How to: Big Blow Out with Lauren’s Way Dream Rollers & Ojon


I’ve fallen quite hard for Ojon since discovering the brand a couple of months ago - it now forms a large part of my hair stash and I’m still totally hooked on the Damage Reverse Shampoo & Conditioner (post here).  These were part of my toolkit for this look, along with Lauren’s Way Dream Rollers, a wide toothed comb and hair grips, Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray for volumising root action and Super Sleek Blowout Perfector for a smooth, non frizzy finish.

Laurens-Way-velcro-sleep-rollers (2)Laurens-Way-velcro-sleep-rollers-review

Dream Rollers are designed for sleeping in, hence the pliable barrel and soft spongy centre. As you can see, when squeezed they flatten a lot, theoretically making them comfortable enough to lay on your pillow.  Some may manage to do this and wake up with beautiful curls; personally I wouldn’t even attempt it - I just know I couldn’t sleep with them in. That doesn’t stop them doing their job though!

Ojon Stylist, Erminio Fiocca recommends velcro rollers for softer results and heated rollers for more body and I definitely agree.  I’ve used both Sleep Rollers and Lauren’s Way Dream Rollers and both produce very similar results.  Although I can not sleep in either, I find them lighter and easier to use than traditional velcro rollers.  (If anyone would find it useful I’ll do a separate post comparing the two - just leave me a comment below.)

The Big Blow Out

I was aiming for soft glamorous waves rather than defined curls, with volume at the roots - here’s what I did:

1. I applied Ojon Super Sleek Restorative Blowout Perfector on damp hair for texture, before flipping my head upside down and blow drying to give my roots a boost (I start every style this way). 

2. I then applied a few pumps of Volume Advance Thickening Spray for more body, parting my hair in the middle, sides and across the back and only spraying the roots. For me this is what makes the difference between glamorous ‘big hair’ and Dallas Hair - I aim for the former!  In the past I’ve used root boost products all through my hair (I know, doh!) and ended up looking poodletastic.

3. I then continued to blow dry until my hair was almost dry before using the rollers. 

4. Starting at the front and working backwards, I placed the velcro rollers in roughly 2 inch sections of hair. Too much hair and the roller will fall; too little and I run out of rollers!

5. I spritzed my roots and surface hair of the roller with Osis Freeze to help hold the curl.

I’ll be honest… I haven’t really a clue about ‘Velcro Roller Rules’… I just put them in whatever way I could.

Laurens-Way-velcro-sleep-rollers (3)

If you don’t have time for the whole shebang, you could just pop a few rollers on the top of your head for 20mins or so while you potter around getting ready and doing your makeup.

I ended up leaving mine in for at least an hour while I sat and watched TV: this was the outcome…


1: Side Volume - Immediately after removal, my hair sat naturally over to one side - I think it could look quite nice like this, back combed a bit and maybe loosely pinned to one side.

2: Rock Chic - I shook my head upside down to loosen the curls and parted my hair in the middle - a bit rough and ready (aka messy!) but I liked the big separated curls. Again this could look good with the front bits pinned back and a bit of quiff action or a pretty hair band.

3: Big Blow Out - This is the look that I was aiming for - soft, volumised waves. I gently smoothed through the curls and roots with a wide toothed comb to create loose waves. I think this look is my favourite - sorry that it’s a blurry mirror shot.

What do you think of these looks? Have you tried velcro rollers - and can you sleep in them?!

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